Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Geography/History New Mexico


Selena chose New Mexico as the State to study this week. While she was showing me on her wall map what State she wanted to study, she called it News Mexico, she still found it with ease, and quickly changed News to New as she read the name from the map.

100_4455 She first chose to color her State orange, but quickly changed her mind when she discovered she already had Arizona colored orange, so she chose a red-orange.

NewMexico I still just get so amazed as to how easy she can find the States on her blank US map. We are discovering more and more that Selena really has a photogenic memory. This is truly becoming very obvious in Church when we sing. She hears the song being sang once through, then when we sing it again, she can sing it loud and with a lot of confidence, word for word, tune and all. (Sometimes I feel like I am raising myself, her abilities, her attitude, and personality especially the whiny voice, enter laugh)

NewMexico1 The one fact about New Mexico that stuck out to Selena and now has her asking to go visit is that they have Hot Air Balloon Festivals. Well, the hot air balloon is their state aircraft.

nm_balloons_all We would love to read what you are studying in Geography or History in your home so link your post up below.

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  1. I would love to go for a ride in a hot air balloon someday!

    I love your comment about Selena being like you!!

  2. I always thought the hot air balloon festival was very cool.

    Princess is like me in personality, which like you said can be good and bad.....

  3. This is how I often feel about Anna - she is so much like me including her desire to only do things she knows how to do and not being able to carry a tune. Way to go, Selena, photographic memory is a great gift to have!

  4. I'm sure my kids would love the hot air balloons as well! And I agree that it can be good and bad when we see our personalities coming through in the children!