Thursday, March 10, 2011

Imagination through Shapes

Wednesday morning I decided to just cut three circles, three triangles, and three rectangles. I laid them out on the table and gave Selena piece of red construction paper.

100_4467 I handed her one of each shape and asked her what she could make with them. She made everything from a snowman, train, dinosaur and a tree.

100_4468 100_4469
100_4470 100_4472

I then added one more circle and asked her the same question. This time she made a train, tree man and made up a new dinosaur named goobyspetasourus.

100_4473 100_4474

The more shapes I gave her the more confusing it got for her, so I arranged them a few times for her to see if we couldn’t get her creativity going.

100_4476 100_4477

It was very obvious with more shapes the more difficult it was for Selena to make much of anything. She did make up many different dinosaurs like a cluepacesaurus. We just began to talk after this exercise. I asked Selena why she kept making dinosaurs and she informed me that it was because the shapes reminded her of dinosaur bones. I asked her if she wanted to grow up to be a scientist who studies dinosaurs and she informed me that no she wanted to grow to be like me, a grandma, and a teacher. I asked her if she was going to teach in a school, and she said no she would teach at home just like her grandma does. She then wanted to be the teacher and I had to be Selena. She gave me all the shapes and asked me how many dinosaurs I could make.

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  1. I like this.

    I love that Selena wants to be a grandma and a teacher, that must have brought a tear to your eye! Last week, C asked R what she wants to be when she grows up and she said, "a mom". He replied, "that's not a job". I had to tell him that it's the hardest job on earth and yet the most rewarding.

  2. What a cute idea. Katie used to love Master Mind when she was 3 and 4, but the boys don't spend much time with it.

  3. You've really been coming up with some excellent learning activities lately - thanks for sharing them! I love the dino names Selena came up with.

  4. Very sweet that Selena wants to be a grandma teacher! I really like this idea - you do have a great gift for finding easy activities that trigger imaginative play.

  5. They do look like dino bones! K says the same thing about being a mom. It's sweet. I don't think I ever said that growing up.

  6. Princess wants to be a Mom too. I love her dinosaurs, very cute names.

  7. Love this activity!

    Thanks for sharing!