Thursday, February 17, 2011

We Learn Through Play

Just as I thought we were going to take a break, Selena had a different idea on her plate. She awoke Tuesday morning happy as a lark. We spent some time cuddling on the couch, all three of us, Pal had to pile on top of both Selena and I. We watched Sid the Science Kid, and Dinosaur Train. Selena suddenly jumped up and disappeared to only reappear with her large blocks. I just basically sat back to see what she was going to do. I did grab the camera when I discovered she was actually giving herself a math lesson.


She first had to figure out how many blocks to put into each column to make her little gate level. Then she began to play around with balance. She figured out if she stood the long yellow blocks just a certain way they would balance on their own.

100_4381 I loved her expression when she accidently knocked into one of her balanced columns, and it began to fall.

100_4390 She rebalanced it and continued to work away until her village was done, complete with a cottage. I asked her who lived in her village, and she sweetly said “Papa, You and Me.”


Just as we were finishing this up, she realized the sun was shining. Of course she wanted to get ready to go outside and play. Before this could happen though the sun disappeared behind the clouds and she informed me that “Summer has forsaken me.” Do you get the feeling she has been listening in church? Forsaken….sound familiar? In all the midst of her unhappiness though over the sun disappearing and the rain returning, the most beautiful rainbow appeared in all it’s glory out our front window for her to admire. Now she was off to singing, “Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet, these are the colors of the rainbow.”

What did I learn from today? Well, while Selena is growing and becoming so independent she truly still needs her times to just be a little girl. While it was a little tight on the couch, it was so sweet to have her cuddled up with me as we watched TV. We hardly fit on the couch together, but I just have to squeeze a little tighter to make room for her. I also have to remember that the weather is affecting Selena as bad as it gets to me at times. It is hard when we get teased with a sunny morning, or a day or two of dryer weather, only to have the sky open up and the flooding to begin again. I had a happier, little girl again today, who seems to think she no longer needs to naps, so the evening was a wee bit rough. She had fun though all day long making nests with blankets, and her stuffed animals as well as playing and talking with me all day long. Do I expect this to be the same tomorrow? I sure hope so but to be honest I will take her any way I get her, so long as we are together.

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  1. Awwww, glad to have a happy Selena back.

    And that picture of her disappointed expression is priceless.

  2. It's so funny the things children say. But, I agree with Selena, the sun has forsaken us. It's so much easier to be lively, and productive when there's sunshine!

  3. It's great that Selena is happier. Sometimes I feel that they sense our moods and sense when we are ready to go an extra mile for them. We also have much happier child this week than we had for the last 2 weeks even though the weather turned to rain this week. I love the pictures of her building and figuring things out.

  4. I'm going to remember that the next time the sky is filled with clouds. We've had a lot of rain lately and I've forgotten how much it affects my mood as well. Glad she's feeling better.

  5. I love the pictures in this post.

    I know how Selena feels. After weeks of really cold weather and cloudy skies, the sun has appeared! It's in the 50s today and it's amazing how much better I feel!