Monday, February 14, 2011

Break Time

Last week was a very hectic week with all of our appointments and so I contributed Selena’s melt downs to being tired, as well as the trauma of leaving Pal at the Vet, and him coming home not quite wanting to play. Saturday we had one of the worse melt downs we have had ever in this house. We had spent the day in Olympia, so again I figured she was overly tired. Again on Sunday we had another grand melt down. Monday has been a day that I wish we could go back and just start all over. Wait a minute no I don’t wish that I just wish it would quit and we could start a brand new day. We have had more melt downs in one day then I can even begin to count. Selena has not wanted to do anything constructive, nor even play. She wouldn’t even settle down to take a nap.
With all this said, I will be taking a short break away from everything for at least a week, maybe longer depending upon how long it takes to reestablish the house rules and some calm around here. I will try to get around in the evenings after Selena goes to bed and possibly early in the mornings before she wakes up to read blogs and comment but just so you know I am not disappearing for ever.
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Link up below any Geography/History lessons you have done and we will be around to visit as soon as our little break is over.
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  1. We've had days like these here too - sorry that yours fell on Valentine Day. Hopefully you can reestablish the rules and the routine. What worked for us last week is some joint play with "no strings attached" - well, almost none :)

  2. I think it's just that restless time of year - when the weather is yucky, and the walls start closing in on all of us. Clara spent all day today whining, until I thought we'd all lose our minds. Maybe Natalie is on to something with increased together playtimes - something's got to give! I hope things calm down in your house soon, too.

  3. Oh Debbie I feel for you. A week of downtime sounds like a good move. :-)

  4. I'm with you on wanting downtime from time to time. Enjoy your time and I hope it all gets better soon.

  5. I'm sorry to hear it's been a rough week. M had a horrible day on Sunday. I'm fairly certain she was crying and screaming for a good 5 hours throughout the day. It's so hard when they have these meltdowns and you can't find the quick fix to get them out of it. I hope the break helps!