Friday, February 18, 2011

Second Day of Break

We had a little bit of a rough start on Wednesday morning. The temperatures dropped quite a bit through the night so I planned on making cream of wheat for breakfast, only to be told by Selena that she wanted cheerios and milk. One bite and she decided they were too cold as she proceeded to take them into the kitchen she was moving a bit to fast and the bowl flipped out of her hands all over the floor. She was quite upset with herself for not listening to me to begin with about having cream of wheat. She did end up getting a bowl of the hot cereal, but not until she had calmed herself down and decided she was ready to eat. We keep telling her she has to slow down, that is one of her problems, and I believe one reason our house rules just go out the door, because she just doesn’t stop to think about what she is doing.

After a while I suggested we bring all of Selena’s doll houses out, I thought she might enjoy playing doll houses, since we really haven’t done this in a while. She got busy hauling all the houses out while I grabbed the bins that are filled with her furniture and small dolls. She grouped her houses like a little town then quickly her attention went to her little Disney Princess dolls.

100_4394 I loved the way she picked out the dress and had to make sure that the shoes she picked out for each doll matched to a tee. She wouldn’t give a bit with the shade of blue, pink or yellow on the shoes, they had to match perfectly. We got all the dolls dressed, and Selena wanted them to stand, since they wouldn’t balance she quickly resolved the problem by grabbing a bin to lean them against.

100_4397 I made her look very closely at the Cindrella, as she just did not look quite right. It took Selena a little bit of examining before she discovered she had her head facing totally backwards. She laughed and giggled as she turned the head back around. She said, “Now that is just too silly, no one can turn their head all the way around.”

As for the houses, well they sat like this all day long and never got touched.

100_4395 Things went pretty well until I got the call that my glasses were ready to be picked up. Glancing at the time I knew I had just enough time to drive to Olympia and back before Papa got home. Selena wasn’t a very happy camper over this decision. I got a kick out of her though as we left the store, she had a look of disappointment on her face as she did not get any glasses. I quickly handed her my new eye glass case and a smile appeared on her face. Boy if she wasn’t disappointed when we got to the car and opened the case, her exact words were. “Mama, They forgot to put my glasses in the case. That isn’t fare, we need to go back.”

While it was a good day with it’s ups and downs, I learned just how much of a scheduled child Selena is, a perfectionist. She doesn’t take kindly to change in her schedule, or in the way she does things. I do love the way her little mind thinks, and once it is set on a goal she stops at nothing to see that it happens. She quickly problem solves with little effort, where not too long ago she would get just a wee bit frustrated as she tried to solve certain problems, now she just figures it out and moves forward with ease. I am pleased with the fact that when I said it was time to put things away, she quickly responded jumping right in to count the little shoes and little pieces making sure she had them all. She helped with putting her doll houses away with out being told twice.

I will have to say though she was rather disappointed as we drove to Olympia and it started snowing. She asked where Olympia was at, which confused me for a minute. I told her it is just ahead not far, she said well, then why can’t I see “Snow Mountain?” (Mount Rainier) that is her new name for the mountain. I explained she wouldn’t see it today as it was cloudy, she looked out just to catch a glimpse of the sun as it peeked out between the clouds, and exclaimed but the sun is out. We had a nice discussion on while she sees the sun, that does not mean that the clouds are all gone or high enough to see the mountain, because of how tall the mountain is.

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  1. I can't blame her for being disappointed Mt Rainier is a beautiful sight.

  2. I have a perfectionist child; it can be challenging!

    Cream of Wheat sounds good right about now.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day. My kids are the same way about those big bulky things. They get excited about playing with them, and then when it gets down to the actual play they don't want to.

  4. What helps to deal with schedule disappointments here is telling her upfront about possible changes to the day. Then at least she is somewhat prepared and in control. I guess what our girls want lately is to have more say in their lives and are quite content when they feel that they have been heard.

  5. That's interesting how much Selena prefers a schedule. Even as a baby, K never followed a schedule no matter how hard I tried. We just go with the flow.