Thursday, February 10, 2011

Selena, Too Much In One Day

We’ve known since Selena turned 4 that it was time to move her to a different car seat. At 40 pounds she out grew her current car seat. We shopped around for a different car seat and thought we had found one that would still allow her to be in the 5 point harness, only to discover that none of these go over 40 pounds before having to put them just in the booster seat with the lap belt. We have just a booster seat and have tried it in the past but Selena wouldn’t leave her seat belt fastened. This past weekend we sat her down and just told her that we no longer can use her old car seat and that she will have to get use to wearing the lap belt. We put it in the car and did have to remind her to keep her seat belt fastened and one incident where she did undo it. However, the transition seems to have gone fairly smooth, she road clear to Elma with me yesterday and back home a couple of times and kept reminding me that she doesn’t remove her seat belt until I shut off the car. She is now in her big girl seat and seems to love it. Now we will see if we can get her moved over to the passenger side of the back seat. She loves where she sits now as she can see herself in my mirror, but I want her on the other side, so I can see her better. Not sure if she was going to transition real easily we left the old car seat in place just in case.

0003288416859_300X300 We went to Elma yesterday, as Pal needed to go in and be neutered. I tried very hard to explain what was going on, what to expect, and the fact that we would drop him off at the Vet then go back and pick him up later. Selena had the hardest time leaving him though and wanted to stay there until he was ready to come home. She sobbed and cried all the way home. However, I had a plan for the day and we stopped by the library and picked up the movie Wizard of Oz. We came home and snuggled up under blankets on the couch and watched the movie. At first Selena was still upset and couldn’t stop talking about Pal between sobs, but she quickly got absorbed into the movie and loved it. We watched only half of it before it was nap time then watched the rest of it just before going to pick Pal up.

Selena was so thrilled when we got to the Vet to pick Pal up. The tech let Selena go back with her to get Pal which was a very special moment for Selena as she was the first one to see Pal, and love on him before she walked him out to where I was on the leash. I stayed in the waiting room just so it would be a special moment for Selena. Selena was so excited that Pal was so happy to see her. I never thought to take the camera and get a picture of her as she retrieved him, but on the other hand I have never gone to a Vet that has ever allowed anyone into the surgical area unless they work there. When we first got home Selena was surprised as was I that Pal wasn’t groggy like we thought he would be, and he was not in a lot of pain, but pretty numb, so he walked and jumped just like before. As the numbness started wearing off though Selena just didn’t understand what was going on. No matter how well we try to prepare our child for certain things, they truly just do not understand.

This led to a big melt down come evening and off to bed at 7:15 Selena went. She then cried because Pal did not jump on her bed as usual for the night time stories, kisses and hugs. While it was a good day for Selena, and we had such a special time together it also was a stressful day all the way around for  her. She tries so hard to contain herself, but too much in one day is just that too much. I always feel sorry for Selena when she has such an emotional day, but I also know that there will be many days like this through out her life, and there is no protecting her from the emotional roller coaster, but through love, understanding, and communication she will learn how to deal with days like this. I do have to say that she did much better as far as appropriate behavior is concerned then she has done in the past when she has had an overwhelming day, so I do know she is beginning to grow up.

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  1. My kids have meltdowns if we try to do too much in one day. I know so many people who bounce their kids from activity to activity after school and I have no idea how they deal with it. C has Spanish after school one day a week and I have to plan some down time for him before dinner or homework or he is a mess. Anyway, it sounds like Selena is definitely growing up! Pal will be jumping up on her bed in no time!

  2. It'll be interesting to see how my kids do when Mac gets neutered. We have to plan downtime for them on Thursdays or all the kids go to pieces when we go to small group, Princess the worst of all.

  3. Interestingly, Anna is more prone to meltdowns in the morning when her own plans for the day somehow get thwarted. Last Sunday was the worst public meltdown she had ever. I can see how dealing with so many things in one day must have been hard for Selena, but you are right - sometimes we just have to weather the blows of life. I hope Pal will bounce back quickly.

  4. Re: the carseats, Britax has one that goes up to 80 pounds and 8 years old in a 5 point. We have them for my almost 6 and almost 5 year olds. They are both small still though--my 6 year old is just shy of 40 pounds. We will be using them for ages!