Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writer’s World Dry Erase

Lately Selena has loved to draw and write on the dry erase board again. She is always writing H, I, and other various letters. Today while she was practicing her letters I wrote her name on the board. I gently encouraged her to try to write her name as well by herself.


She was really pretty happy with her accomplishment in writing her name by herself. I knew she could do it if she would just try, since she writes most of these letters all the time anyway. The only letter that stumped her briefly was her N, but then she figured out where to start.

After this she went on to drawing her stick people. I thought it would be fun to introduce her how to expand on her stick people by using some simple shapes. We used a triangle for the body, circle for the head, then added the arms and legs. I drew one complete with buttons on the dress, and shoes on the feet, then it was Selena’s turn.

100_4278 This was her first attempt, she only asked me to add the feet to it for her. I thought it was so cute how she got the head so small and worked so hard to draw a face on it. The one on the far left was her stick person she drew, of course that is after she insisted it needed clothes.

100_4279 This one was her second attempt, she got the head even smaller. She had fun though and enjoyed drawing her stick people in a whole different way. Then of course she had to just have a photo shoot.

100_4282 100_4283 The photo shoot wasn’t complete until we got a picture of Pal watching Selena having so much fun writing away on the white board. After we were all done with this Selena had to put all the people in the dark, an idea she got off of Sid the Science Kid about darkness, she just scribbled black over the top of the people she drew to represent that they were in the dark. She erased the board before I could get a picture of this.

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  1. This is how all the kids started out writing, but with a Magna Doodle, instead of a dry erase board. I like the "photo shoot" :)

  2. My daughter's favorite letter to write is "H". She will also draw T, I, L, O, and A.

    Love the puppy face shot :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. We also practice some writing on dry erase board. I love Selena's picture - she is really hamming up for the camera :)

  4. Wow, looks like she's doing great! Watch out, once they master writing that name, the literacy learning takes off like never before!!!

  5. Wow, she is so creative. Great job on writing her name. I love your idea of the shapes for the people. It would definitely be a way to expand Tabitha's people drawing skills.
    The puppy is sooooo cute!!!!
    I need to get our dry erase board out. I got a huge one from the thrift shop a while ago, the problem is finding a home for it. The girls love the chalk board, they would love the dry erase board.
    I keep getting great ideas from your blog.