Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Geography/History Kansas


I asked Selena what State she would like to study this week. She looked on our big map on the wall and announced Kansas. I asked her to point to it because I didn’t know where she got the name of the State, not sure if she had heard it or was reading it. She pointed right to it and informed me that it did indeed read Kansas.

100_4286 Kansas I remembered we had received a postcard from Tonya at Live the Adventure when they traveled through Kansas on their journeys. Selena examined the postcard closely and we read together what Tonya had wrote on the back.

Kansas2 Selena found Kansas very easily on her blank US Map and colored it blue based on the fact that the State Flag is mostly blue. She also was very impressed with the State Seal, and made a hypothesis that Kansas is a State that farms.

Kansas3 We then created her scrapbook page. Going on line we found a lot of interesting information about Kansas. Such as the Capitol is Topeka, it nicked named the Sunflower State, and it’s State Song is Home Home on the Range. Selena didn’t like the American Buffalo and informed me she was scared of them, but she did like the fact that their insect is the Honeybee and the tree is a Cottonwood, where she quickly informed me that it was a nice tree for the honeybee.

Studying this State kind of took me on a little journey down memory lane. One of my Dad’s favorite musician was Gene Autry and we listened to Home Home On The Range a lot around out house. If it wasn’t playing on our stereo, radio my dad was humming or singing it. I couldn’t resist but share this song with Selena. We even danced just like my Dad would have danced with me.

I also had to share the fact with Selena that the movie The Wizard of Oz started out with Dorothy and Toto living in Kansas. We looked at quite a few pictures from the movie, I guess I am going to have to rent this movie sometime and see how Selena likes it.


I wrote Kansas on the Dry Erase board, but Selena wasn’t really interested in writing the word herself. However, while I was working on this post Selena announced she wrote Hi Self. I looked over and this is what I found. She was pretty close on her spelling of Self.


Now it is your turn, What did your family study this week in Geography or History? 

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  1. How neat to get to share something like that about your father, with Selena.

  2. I've always liked Home on the Range. What a cute memory.

    We watched the Wizard of Oz, and the Muppet Wizard of Oz. The Muppet one was rather disappointing.

  3. Fun stuff! M has been asking to watch the Wizard of Oz a lot lately (she's only seen it once before) so maybe we'll study Kansas soon. I hadn't thought of that tie-in!

  4. The Wizard of Oz is R's favorite movie. She has a life size cardboard Dorothy in her room!!!

  5. Fun! Everytime I think about Kansas I kept help to think about the Wizard of Oz too. Thank you for sharing.

  6. We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto :) Anna watched Wizard of Oz with us when she was not three yet and still remembers "how scary it was". She didn't like the fact that the witch really died. I think it's awesome that Selena tries writing words without worrying too much about rules. She will get there when time comes.

  7. We are also doing Kansas right now! I am going to do a couple Chinese New year activites as well though.

    I put a children's book version of The Wizard of Oz on hold at the library. I was thinking of renting the movie, but I am worried that it might be too scary for her.I wouldn't say she is a sensitive child but witches and flying monkeys might be a little unsettling for a 2 1/2 year old!

  8. What fun. Her map is so neat/carefully colored.
    I don't dare show the girls Wizard of
    Oz yet. They don't like getting scared (the were too scared of the sharp tooth on Land Before Time and my oldest, Steven, was watching those movies at this age) and I know the witch will scare her. I love Wizard of Oz though so I can't wait til they are a little older.