Monday, January 10, 2011

What My Child Is Reading

While we have been busy around here, we have found plenty of time for reading. I had checked out many books from the library that had been recommended by many of you, some were successes with Selena while others did not go over at all. While we were cleaning though, I found a bag of books that I forgot we had, books that I had put away until Selena was ready for them. I always love when I discover treasures that I have packed away, though used by other children, they always seem so new and fresh to a child.

Scan Sun Up is a first chapter reader from HBJ Bookmark Reading Program. It starts out very simple, and gets more complex as it goes along. Selena enjoyed learning new words as we read through the book and the characters held her attention. All the characters are animals and many of the stories are based around a circus atmosphere while others are based around park like activities. I believe we will be reading this book for sometime as Selena continues to expand on her reading skills.


The Mouse Family Fun With Words by Rosalind Sutton illustrated by Pamela Storey, is a cute book for preschoolers that introduces the usage of ing at the end of words. It introduces the word such as baking, then tells a little story about how the mice spent the morning baking crisp cookies, then moves on to introduce the word fishing, the story continues on with after baking the mouse family went fishing. It also introduced other new words to Selena. While it is fairly simple the illustrations are cute and it held Selena’s interest for quite a while. I believe this will be another book that she will continue to read from as she expands on her reading skills.

I must say I had a hard time finding any pictures for either of these books through Amazon or Barnes and Nobel, however amazon does carry a book in the same series as Sun Up with the same characters I couldn’t tell you what the reading level would be though. I did not find where one could purchase the second book, I suppose one might find it if they do a more thorough search.

I am linking this up at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns.

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  1. That second book sounds so cute.

  2. Those both looks very cute! I always like books with cute mice.

  3. Were those books used by your children? How nice that you had that stashed away treasure for Selena. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  4. I have two large bins of books stashed away, and I love bringing books out of them for my son to discover on the bookshelf. We used to have a used books bookstore in our neighborhood with the slogan, "if you haven't read it, it's new to you." Very true!

  5. Love when I find a book that's perfect for my kids stashed in my own house!! Those look cute!