Sunday, January 9, 2011

Such A Busy Few Days

I have hardly had time to devote to my blog or to really read any other blogs I follow. It was nice though to get things done here in the house. We always struggled with what to do with Selena’s school supplies. I had tried the china hutch in the dining room, but Selena wouldn’t leave any of it alone. Everything kept ending up back in the kitchen in the bins, and became a hassle again. I came up with the idea to take the old dresser that had been my mom’s and put it in the kitchen, with the microwave on top of it. Then I was able to put all our art and school supplies in the drawers. Why I hadn’t thought of this sooner is beyond me.
100_4191 Still never enough space for everything, but some of the clutter around it will disapear as I get to Selena’s bedroom and work in there. This however is a lot nicer then what we did have. It is not easy living in a home where there is no storage or even a linen closet.
I have never had a dresser of my own since we moved here. I use to use the one above but it just never seemed to hold enough, so I never felt like I had enough room for my clothes. After going through all my drawers and my closet, which is so tiny, I was finally able to make quite a bit more room. Then Papa decided it was time to buy me a new dresser today, well it is a chester drawer. Now I have to get the energy to go put my clothes away.
Then of course as all of you know we got Pal, our puppy. We have spent a lot of time getting him adjusted here in our home. A little about his story. I don’t think he had a very good beginning. When our friends got him I guess he was in poor shape, his fur was a matted mess, his claws were way too long and he even had very tender paws from not being taken care of. What we have noticed is no one ever took the time to teach him how to play. I guess he did love to play with our friend’s dogs, but at times he just didn’t understand when the other dogs did not want to play anymore. I have been working with him on teaching him just how to play especially with humans. He didn’t even know if he wanted to play tug of war with his pull rope, well really not any of the games puppies usually love to play. He hasn’t even bothered any of Selena’s toys which for a puppy is unusual. We have also been trying to get him use to our neighborhood, by taking a lot of walks, even though it is getting cold. He does enjoy going for walks and I believe would walk all day long if we would let him. We have also been working on command work, he sits by command, which he was doing when we got him, he now will lay down by command, and is totally willing to go in his crate when ever he feels he wants to get away from Selena, is tired, and today he went in and stayed in it while we went to pick out my chester drawers.
100_4176 100_4184 Another people watcher!
He is beginning to get more playful!
This evening he did get a little more playful. I am guessing by his teeth, size, and over all characteristics that he is probably about 5 months to 6 months old. He finally took to another one of his chew toys we bought for him, which surprised us since he wanted really nothing to do with any of the toys we have for him. I got down on the floor with my head down and acted like another puppy, whining and barking, he got to where he would attack my head. Selena thought it was hilarious that he was attacking my hair, she laughed so hard she nearly cried. I then pulled out a ball. Oh brother, I don’t think this puppy has ever seen a ball at all. He freaked out so bad, kept jumping away from it, and it wasn’t doing anything but sitting on the floor. He barked at it several times. He still doesn’t know if he likes a ball or not. Maybe I am wrong about his age, but I truly just feel this poor puppy never had much of a puppy life before our friend rescued him. We will definitely be working on making sure he gets a great quality puppy life. This isn’t the first rescue dog we have taken in, so while we know there will be some things we will have to deal with, we also know that just like foster children, these pups/dogs deserve to be taught how to be youthful.
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  1. Awww....... He could come down here and have a playdate with Mac.

    I need to organize our stuff.

  2. I am in the throws of organising school stuff as well, we have far too much!!!

  3. Poor Pal - he really didn't get a good start. Hopefully he will learn how to be a puppy again in your house.