Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Special Day


Selena has been feeling a little discouraged because Pal wasn’t having much to do with her. We tried to explain that it will take some time for him to adjust to her, and for her to learn how to act around him appropriately. She was one happy little girl and shouted for me to grab the camera and take this picture. She was so thrilled to have him sitting beside her on the couch. I don’t blame her for being so happy over this. She was thrilled the other night when he jumped up on her bed and gave her a kiss on her forehead, she turned and said “Oh Mama he does love me!”

Later in the day I heard her laughing so hard, I just had to see what she was laughing about. Her and Pal were playing together. It has been fun to watch as she has been learning the skills of how to handle Pal without him getting scared. They now run around the house chasing each other, wrestle, and hear pure joy coming from Selena over it.

She enjoys bundling up so we can take him for a walk. It has been pretty cold here even snowing today. Yet we bundle up and take him out. We haven’t really done much as far as formal schooling goes, but this life school has been so much fun and so good for Selena. To see her adapt to having him around. She did get upset today when he got a hold of one of her toys and chewed on it. I explained that is why we don’t leave toys like this around as he will get a hold of them. Then within a few hours she was more then willing to share hoppy with him. I then had to explain that we don’t want to share our toys with him, but I guess it could be worse and she could be restricting him from everything.

I am so happy that this is working out. We are really enjoying having him around, well maybe not the 5:30 a.m. walks, but what can one expect when Papa gets up that early to get ready for work, of course Pal is going to think it is time to wake up too. Now if only he would go back to bed after that walk, I would be very happy!

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  1. They'll be best friends soon enough!

  2. It sounds like everything is going really well. It's such a cute picture of Selena and Pal.

  3. That's a great picture! Now, I'm thinking we need to find a dog for K in the future...

  4. Awwww...... What an awesome picture of them.

    It really is such a great learning experience.

  5. So cute! What a nice photo!!! I'm happy they are bonding!

    I know how you feel - my husband is up at 5:30 too and that means I have to get up and take the dog out. Luckily, she is old enough now that she doesn't need much supervision, but I have to admit that once I am out of bed, I usually stay up.