Saturday, January 8, 2011

Meet Pal


I tried very hard to get some decent pictures of our puppy this evening, between Selena’s excitement and the puppy’s curiosity all of them came out a wee bit blurred. I am sure we will still get some great pictures of him as time goes on. Selena went back and forth on the name, between Pal and Sparky. She finally settled on Pal, I guess after all he will be her pal, he certainly is mine at this point anyway.

He truly is a good puppy. Someone has worked with him. He sits on command, which surprised me since most puppies I have ever brought home needs quite a bit of training. He does not mind his crate at all, in fact he is already in it sound asleep, that is after he thought he would just curl up on my chest, then my feet and sleep. For as cute as it looked, I had too many things yet to do to allow him to just think he was going to sleep on me.

Selena wants so much for him to just be her puppy, and is having a hard time understanding that he will in time. Even Papa who wasn’t real sure about this move, is very happy with him. Though he would love to have Pal come and sit on his lap a little bit too. That will come in time as well. We are all very excited to welcome him into our family.

When we got home, it had been raining pretty heavy, our driveway was semi flooded. Selena made a bee line for the middle of the flooded out section, she had a blast jumping, and cupping the water throwing it up in the air. I guess she can say she truly knows how it feels to play in a deep mud puddle now. She didn’t like the fact the water went inside her rubber boots and soaked her feet, her pants were soaked, and her coat got wet. All I could do was laugh and explain that this is what happens when you try to tackle a mud puddle that is so big and deep, you jump up and down and the water has to splash some where.

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  1. Princess has the same problem with Mac and with puddles.

  2. So cute. The pic and the post. Good luck getting an unblurred pic.

  3. Oh, K would be so jealous if she saw this! She loves dogs. Very cute puppy!

  4. Pal looks so cute. You should try to find some Arthur books by Marc Brown where Arthur also gets a dog and names him Pal. I hope he will have a happy life in your house.

  5. Looking forward to seeing lots of pics of Pal and Selena growing up together.