Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Geography/History Idaho


We woke up this morning to such better cold weather again. We thought yesterday was cold, well today we have a Northern wind blowing which is dropping the wind chill factor down quite a bit. It hasn’t been above freezing all morning. This has thrown us a little off track this morning as we have gotten use to taking long walks with the puppy shortly after we get up, before we even have breakfast. Not today, I told Pal he was just going to have to walk around the yard today and call it good. This had Selena a little more testy then usual, but we did manage to get our Geography page put together. As I had Pal outside real quick we came in to discover Selena had cut her bangs, not bad, it will blend in so no, I will not be cutting her hair, we will just allow it to grow out. Teach me to not put up all the scissors when I step out of the room.

Selena couldn’t make up her mind this week what State she wanted to study, so I chose Idaho since it is the other neighboring State to us. Selena had a little more difficulty pointing to it on the map, but I think it was more due to her testiness this morning more then anything else. She did finally locate it with a few clues from me.

100_4200 Since we have taken her booster seat off the chair she has a harder time reaching the map now. I guess I should have given her something to point with. I don’t want to lower the map, as then Selena would probably have a hard time leaving it on the wall.

100_4201 We looked for it in our State cards. Selena was showing her impatience and so I had to help to get her to the I section of the States, then she quickly found the card she was looking for.

Idaho After examining all the color options on both the State Flag and the State Seal, Selena finally decided to color in the State of Idaho using yellow. She didn’t have a hard time locating Idaho on this map, and went right to work at coloring it in.

Idaho2 We put our Scrapbook page together. Selena found it interesting to learn that Grandma use to live in Boise, Idaho. Believe me I really liked Boise and truly did not want to leave there. We discussed some of the facts about Idaho, such as the fact that Boise is the Capitol, and of course the State is known for it’s Potatoes and Sugar Beets. Now believe me if you have ever lived near a Sugar Beet processing plant I don’t need to tell you how terrible it smells. The State is also called the Gem State. The State tree is the Western White Pine, the insect is the Monarch Butterfly, and the bird is the Mountain Bluebird.

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  1. I'm glad it's not as cold as everyone else seems to be having right now.

    I'm hoping to get back into the swing of geography soon. We've started back up with history.

  2. We are in the middle of a blizzard. We have about 15 inches of snow so far and it isn't stopping.

    We seem to have fallen behind on our geography studies. Grrrrrrrrr....

    I have no idea what sugar beet plants would smell like, and for that I am happy!

  3. Idaho is one of the few states I've never been to. I know those testy days all too well myself :)

  4. My boys both chopped on their hair when they were little, but fortunately, my daughter hasn't yet! We drove through Idaho once. It was beautiful, the part we saw. Why do sugar beet plants smell?