Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Math Setting Selena Up

Selena was asking for a math lesson all weekend long. I wasn’t really sure at first what direction I wanted to go in. She counts to a hundred and doesn’t have much problem with simple addition. Well, I decided to see how she would react to dividing a pile of straws into two piles. I cut straws into about one inch lengths, there were a total of 20 when I finished. Selena started out by placing them into two separate piles one by one. That was no problem.

100_4141 She then passed them out two at a time, Ok no problem there. Again the piles were equal and there were none left over. We again pushed them back together into one pile, and I asked her to divide them into the two piles by three at a time. She handled this very well until she got to the end to discover she had one left over.


A little confused and not really being able to figure out what to do at this point, she decided it would be fun to use this extra straw to blow all the others across the floor.

If anything she at least showed me that she does understand the concept of sharing and making sure that everyone has the same amount. She did have fun blowing the straws across the floor until it was time to pick them up. We will revisit this down the road in an attempt to understand odd and even.

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  1. Great lesson. I love the way she used the extra straw!!! I bet that was fun.

  2. This is a great lesson in odd and even and simple division. I think Anna would be just as surprised (if she cared to complete this exercise, that is)

  3. I like her solution for dealing with the problem :)

  4. Great simple introduction and some science thrown in as well. :-)

  5. I can understand you wondering where to go next with her in the math.

    It was cool how she used the extra straw, kids are always thinking outside of the box.

  6. I love how simple the activity is but with lots of opportunity for introducing math vocabulary! We've done something similar with cookie but we may have to try with different found objects and talk more about equal sharing.