Monday, January 3, 2011


We’ve talked about this for sometime how all our friends here within our community attend a different church then we do. We are very familiar with the church and attended there when we first moved here. We know the Pastor and his family through birthday celebrations or from seeing them just within the community. This is a new Pastor to the church so we had never heard him preach.

We decided to visit the church today, to begin our New Year out reconnecting with our friends, well how can you say really reconnecting with them when you see or talk with them on a pretty regular basis. I guess it was just something that we truly wanted to do, and it gave us a chance to listen to this new Pastor preach.

While the faces in the church have not changed, there are a few new faces, which is a good thing! The service is nothing like it use to be. Now the children sit through the service, all Sunday school classes are before church. Right now they do not have any children under the age of 5 so they do not offer any Sunday school classes for Selena’s age. For some reason we find that to be lacking in all the churches here, there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of young children attending church, kind of sad.

Selena’s best friend Trinity attends the church with her grandparents, so Selena was looking forward to going to church with Trinity. The children got to sing a song today in front of the congregation. Selena sat on my lap and so inventively listened and watched as they sang. When the children were finished singing and we were applauding them, Selena shouted out, “Great Job Trinity! You Did Great Trinity!” Everyone busted up laughing of course, and Pastor’s wife made a comment to the children that they have a good little cheering section.

Selena did very well sitting and standing for the hour we were in service. She drew a bit on a blank sheet of paper I had, and had to collect all the pencils from our pew, well there were only 4, count them in my hand and then take them back to recount them, but she sat there fairly quiet for the entire hour. We were pretty proud of her ability to last that long. When it came time to leave, and I reached for her coat, she said in a sad little voice, “It’s time to leave?” I don’t think her sweet disposition would have lasted much longer, we were stretching it as far as we could with just that hour. We did promise her if we go back, we will make sure she has a coloring book and crayons. She informed me that she didn’t want to take a coloring book to church, but I do think we will take one just in case.

Yes, we were both very proud that she enjoyed church today, and that she did great sitting through the entire service.

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  1. C still has trouble sitting through an entire service. Our church has quite a few little ones, but no one willing to lead children's church, so it comes and goes - right now it's gone (our Sunday school is before church, too - which we like). I swing back, and forth between thinking I should just step up and volunteer to teach it, and help out all the moms, and thinking maybe if we hold out, C will just adjust, and learn to sit quietly.

    Great job to Selena for behaving so well!

  2. Sounds like she had a good time at the church. Perhaps she likes the warm feel of it and felt relaxed there?

  3. Great job Selena siting through that

  4. Hopefully all of you will enjoy this new church - having an older friend might help Selena getting used to it.