Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Geography/History Oregon


Selena was so excited when I told her we were going to finally get to work on our Geography Scrapbook. She asked me if we could study Oregon. Even though we do not have a postcard from this State, she quickly remembered that we had been to Astoria, Oregon as well as Oregon was where she seen the Clifford paw prints.


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Selena was quick to point Oregon out on our wall map. She didn’t hesitate once or even have to think about where Oregon was.


Then the fun began building our page for our Scrapbook. Selena chose to color Oregon blue, since the State Flag is blue. First she located Oregon on her printable United States map and colored it in.

image0 She then colored in her single Oregon State, then we looked up many interesting facts about Oregon and we pasted these all on a sheet of card stock to go in our scrapbook.

image0-1 She learned that the Capitol of Oregon is Salem, Oregon. The State’s Nickname is The Beaver State, and of course the State Animal is the American Beaver. The one fact she learned was that the State tree is the Douglas Fir, she proclaimed that is like our Christmas Tree. She did remember that Papa lived in Oregon as a small boy. She had a lot of fun both getting back to her Scrapbook and also looking more into Oregon State.


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  1. This is great! I will be linking up again next week.

  2. Selena has wonderful map skills. I really like your Oregon scrapbook page. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Maybe next summer, we should meet up in Salem, and tour the capitol building!

  4. She's such a little Smartie. That's great she can locate Oregon. I'm trying to get the kids' state notebooks organized - this is good inspiration.121211q

  5. That is so cute! What a great memory of the places too.

  6. Great lesson, and I love Selena's scrap page. It's great that she can look at it later and review all the facts.

  7. SHe is really doing very well with her geography, well done Selena.

  8. wow I love how you're making a scrapbook.. I've been lost about what to do for geography with my daughter, so this is perfect :)

  9. It's great that she's so excited about getting back to state studies!

  10. I keep meaning for us to start those kind of pages but never get around to it. Looks great!