Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today I was so busy reorganizing the kitchen that I didn’t spend a lot of time one on one with Selena. I can’t begin to even tell you how many of the plastic bread closures that I found in one drawer where Papa conveniently dropped them. I didn’t realize he had such a thing for those little plastic things, I don’t think he knew it either until he came home and I handed him a small box that was nearly full of them and asked him what he wanted to do with them all. I couldn’t help but laugh when I found them all stuffed in the back of a drawer, he is always looking for one or a twist tie, which yes he had tons of those too but never could seem to find either. He still did not throw them away, but I might just hide them and use them for math.

Anyway due to the lack of one on one time with Selena through the day as I reorganized all my cupboards and scrubbed the kitchen down, I decided to spend a little time with her this evening. I pulled out her Learn to tell Time game.


I don’t know that it is really a game, but it was fun to work with her on it. It comes with a dry erase marker. At the top is a little book that shows what time the child is suppose to draw on the clock. It starts out with 1:00 and goes clear 12:00. She had fun drawing the hands on the clock.


She was pretty tired a crabby tonight so we got as far as 4:00 when we had to put this activity away. Between lack of a nap and my full attention she was having a rough evening. I think it will be an early bed time tonight for one tired little girl.

My next projects are to tackle the bedrooms. I know that there are clothes in those rooms that haven’t been out of the drawers or closets since we moved into this house. It is time to get rid of them. I keep complaining I have no closet space, yet I have hung on to dresses that I haven’t worn in years. We are going to fix Selena’s room up as well, along with going through all her stuffed animals and see which ones she really doesn’t play with. She won’t like that much, but she is getting over run by stuffed animals.

One of the reasons we are doing all of this, not that it doesn’t need to get done, but we are getting a puppy. We came across a free Maltese puppy through a good friend. We’ve talked for sometime about getting Selena a puppy. We had talked about waiting until she was about 5 to do so. I told Papa, who is not real fond of small dogs, that I wanted a Maltese. As soon as I seen the pictures of this one posted on Facebook, I couldn’t resist. I hope to go pick him up this week. I have to go nearly to Seattle to get him, so it will be a nice day drive for Selena and I. Yes, I will post pictures when we get him home. I am sure Selena is going to be beside herself with her new playmate. I do believe it will be good for her though to have a playmate besides me all day long. Yes, she has her friends, but most of them are in school, so she doesn’t get the opportunities to play with them as much as we would like. We are hopeful that the puppy will help her burn off some of this energy that she tends to explode with in the evenings just as Papa arrives home.

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  1. Hooray for puppies!!! Dogs are a great way to teach kids responsibility. Even the youngest child can scoop food into a dish. How exciting!!

  2. Oh, by the way, I remember that Leah made something cool with those little bread clip things. I can't remember exactly what it was, but I want to say it was a boat of sorts.

  3. So you are getting the puppy! How exciting!

    I'm thinking we might start telling time today, the kids have been desperately asking to do it.

  4. Good luck with that! I'm not a huge dog fan, but puppies are cute, at least :)

  5. I am sure Selena will be delighted to get a puppy, and you will suddenly have two energetic youngsters in the house :)

  6. My husband drives me crazy sometimes because I tell him, "this is yours, what do you want to do with it?" So he responds that he will take care of it. Next thing I know, it is sitting right there on the kitchen table again! It drives me NUTS! And if he can't find it later, its like, "where did you put it?" Sigh, husbands can be rougher than the kids sometimes lol.

    Congratulations on the puppy! I feel bad because my dog used to be my baby and I feel like I don't spend hardly enough time with her because I have 2 real babies now. I still love her though. Have fun on the trip to Seattle.

  7. That telling time book looks like fun!
    I hope you guys enjoy your puppy. Looking forward to seeing pictures!
    Sorry I haven't been over to visit for a while. Gotta get myself updated on what you guys have been up to. Hope you had a good Christmas.
    Wishing you a blessed New Year. Hoping to stop by more often.

  8. We have two maltipoos, and we adore them. I didn't think I'd make it through the first year with them - it was hard! - but I'm so glad I didn't give up. Past the housetraining, they are a joy (even though they do still chew up any of the kids' toys they get their hands on). When I see the kids holding one of them or putting them up on the train table as they play, it warms my heart. Dogs are definitely a worthy playmate.