Sunday, December 12, 2010

When A Child Just Wants To Talk

Friday was a very different day around our house. I thought to myself several times during the day that we have not had to pick up any toys and put them away. When Papa got home he made the remark, “Mama must have picked up toys several times today, there is only two stuffed animals in the living room.” I assured him that no this was not the case.

From the moment Selena got up that morning all she wanted to do was talk. Oh by the way she has finally got use to Papa getting up early, and is no longer waking up at 5:30 in the morning. She talked all day long. I really can not say that we talked about anything in particular, but we chatted all day long. Our conversations were about things we have recently learned to play or making up stories.

She asked a lot of questions about things like vaccinations since she knows she has a doctor’s appointment coming up. She explained to me why she gets vaccinations, a concept she picked up from an episode of Sid the Science Kid. She tried to tell me she would get her vaccinations in her arm, and when I explained that in fact she would get hers in the thigh as they need a real good muscle area to give them in. She informed me that she would not get the vaccinations then, not unless they gave them in the arm. She even tried to reason her way out of it by telling me if they do not give her the vaccinations in the arm, then I could take them for her.

She talked a lot about Jesus and God. She had many questions about heaven and why Jesus was in heaven now with God. She wanted to know why he was born in a barn as she called it and not in a house or hospital. Then she asked why we still celebrate his birthday if he is in heaven with God, she explained to me that he is not here with us for a birthday party.

We had such a great day on Friday talking and discussing so many different things that were on Selena’s mind. It really thrilled me to have this day with her as it really gave me the opportunity to see that Selena truly has been taking in so much of the information that I have been teaching her. It also gave me the opportunity to reinforce these concepts.

I truly loved the fact that she just needed the entire day to talk.

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  1. Those are the best days!

    I'm glad she is getting her sleep now too!

  2. Awesome day. My kids are like that in the car

  3. Wow! You are so patient and loving. Sometimes I get tired of all the questions. They're endless. Now, I know how my mother felt. I gave JC a question box to write down all her questions but that backfired! She began asking questions for questions sake! I really need to work in being patient. It's just that it happens even with the simplest things like when we were at the Marine Science Institute. Is the fish alive? Is it dirty? What about the water? Is it dirty? Let's so see the sharks! What kind of sharks are they? Etc..And the questions about death and afterlife...those are endless as one answer leads to more questions. She's even more inquisitive with other teachers which can be bad when they have a job to do. Do you think you can spend some time with JC and answer her questions too? I think I need a break for awhile. Maybe then I can come back refreshed. How do you balance your own time and time with Selena?

  4. I love unending questions and discussions here. Usually when Anna talks about something that excites her, she runs around in a circle around the kitchen - it's very funny to watch. By the way, she got all her shots into arms - two into each - our doctors only give thigh shots to very young kids.

  5. There are days that there's so much talking all around me, I'm afraid I miss most of it. I think that's one nice thing about having a child one on one, you can really listen to them. Selena is very fortunate to have you there to hear her.