Saturday, December 11, 2010

What My Child Is Reading

Selena is so excited about Christmas. She wakes up every morning to announce that her tree is still here, then quickly runs over to turn on the lights. I have noticed slowly all my ornaments have taken their rightly place on one side of the tree though so that Selena can squeeze between the tree and the window so that she can look out. I guess she thought that seemed better then always knocking the ornaments off the tree when she wanted to look outside.

Thetwelvedays By far this was Selena’s favorite Christmas book so far. The Twelve Days of Christmas by Hilary Knights is a very cute illustrated version of this classic Christmas Carol. Selena enjoyed as I read each page to be able to see just what a partridge in a pear tree looked like as well as all the other gifts. At the end of the book the last page opens up to show all the gifts received, there is a little sign that reads, Come to Bedella’s Christmas Fair.

countingchristmas Counting Christmas by Karen Katz is a easy read book, focusing on counting backwards from 10 – 1. It introduces the number words which are reinforced by both the visual number and the ability to count snowflakes and the items read about in the illustrations. Selena enjoyed being able to read this book independently and together. I loved the way as we read the book together Selena was quick to match the number word with the number.

Onlyyou Only You by Robin Cruise illustrations by Margaret Chodos-Irvine was our special time book this week. It is an easy read, and is about all the ways we love our children. We had fun reading this book and pointing to the different body parts it mentioned, and reenacting the different things that the story talked about. Selena did get a little confused when the book mentioned, “I love you from the outside in.” She asked what does that mean? She got the “I love you from the inside out.” So we talked about opposites, and then Selena caught on. This truly is a book that I wish I had in our own library.

Come on over to Natalies at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns and share what you are reading with your child.

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  1. Thanks for joining WMCIR! The first book sounds interesting even though 12 days is not my favorite Christmas song. Anna also loves to reenact some of her favorites.

  2. I love the art work on Karen Katz books.

  3. I love the sweet counting backwards book. It looks very cute. We count 1-10 but haven't done backwards yet!! Great idea.

  4. This was my first week at WMCIR and I like seeing everyone's books. These are some good selections.