Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Little Town at Christmas


Every year our little town has a huge two day event called The Festival of Lights. There is always so much to do if the weather is of such that one can get out and enjoy it. The finale is always a parade, which comes within view of our house. The first year with Selena we went to the neighbors and watched it from their window, as they were right on the parade route. The following year it was cancelled do to a bad wind storm we had just days before the event, that left the town in a mess from downed trees, no power, and flooding. Last year it was so cold that we were forced to watch it from our living room window. We would have loved to move the van down the street and let Selena watch from the van but the traffic was so thick we couldn’t get the van out of the driveway.

This year we got hit with a grand rain storm, more flooding and wind. The festival did go on, along with the parade. Though there was very few people this year we again chose to watch it from our window. Selena found she had a great view by sitting on top of her dresser that is in front of her bedroom window.

There are bands, floats, and all the normal things found in a parade. I think the best part though is towards the end when they have a Cement Truck, Dump Truck, Logging Truck, and the Fire Truck all decked out in Christmas lights. you can see from the above picture they are not dressed up in a few lights, but massive amounts of lights.

Selena was just beside herself with excitement to see these huge trucks all lit up with Christmas lights. I know that one of these years we will be able to take her right up and personal to the parade. We have just had some bad luck as far as the weather goes the last few years for this event.

After the parade it was time to settle down and watch Frosty the Snowman before Selena retired to bed. She really enjoyed the cartoon and I must admit I enjoyed sharing this classic with her.

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  1. It sounds like a neat parade. Too bad the weather doesn't ever seem to cooperate.

    My kids love Frosty too!

  2. How nice to have a front row seat without even going out!

  3. It's nice that you can see the parade right from your window! Hopefully the weather will be better next year. The cement truck looks awesome.

  4. What a cool event, and how awesome you can see it from your window.

  5. Oh wow the parade goes right by your home, how cool is that for Selena!!