Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fun Family Evening

Doesn’t my angel look bright in this picture! Wow!! didn’t realize that until I put it on the post here. We spent the evening playing Christmas music and decorating the house. It was so fun this year as Selena was right in there putting ornaments on the tree instead of taking them all off as I put them on like she did last year. She has had to move quite a few of them around, I guess she wasn’t happy with them. I think it is more she was disappointed that the task was done.
100_3992 I think my fireplace mantel is always my favorite place at Christmas time. We got away this year without having to have a stocking for Minnie. I can’t believe how old some of these stuffed animals are, while a couple are from the year Selena was born. I always want to add more, but do you get the feeling I am running out of space?
100_3986 Selena remembered this display from last year and was so excited that she got to put it together this year by herself. Some of the things on this table have been removed and will be displayed in my china hutch as Selena wants to ring my Christmas bell and play with the small glass Santas. All of which were my mother’s so I would rather she not play with them.

After we decorated the Christmas Tree, Selena decided she wanted to make her Christmas list for Santa. She has for some reason thought this whole time that Santa is going to give her a list. Excuse me but I don’t think I would ever have enough money to fulfill Santa’s list.

We sat down to start working on her list. I discovered Selena sitting there like this.

100_4016 When I asked her what she was doing, she informed me that she was closing her eyes and imagining writing her list, so she would know just how to make the letters. We never did get a list wrote, but she sure had fun with her eyes closed imagining all the words she was going to write on her list.

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  1. So nice. I love this time of year.

    I love that she imagined writing her list; that is too cute.

  2. We decorated our tree last night, too.

  3. This is just a wonderful time of the year especially as seen through a young child's eyes. I like the story of a Christmas list. Anna still has no desire to write hers, but it's kind of too late anyway - we already decided what to get her :)

  4. Jeff and I always go back and forth on the need for more Christmas decorations.

  5. Decorating just has to be one of the best parts of Christmas. Your house looks beautiful.

  6. I love the picture of her closing her eyes. Your tree looks wonderful.