Monday, December 6, 2010

The Tree is Here

Christmas has arrived in our little home. Saturday we went and finished up our Christmas shopping. Yes, you read that right we are done! Oh are we ever really totally done? No, we will pick up some things especially some stocking stuffers.

On Sunday morning we woke up to a great surprise! Instead of the predicted rain we had sunshine. We hurried up and got ready and Papa borrowed the neighbor’s suburban and we headed off to find our tree.

100_3979 Selena kept examining all the little seedlings, looking for the perfect little tree. She also was looking for the perfect walking stick as well. She never did find one of those though.

100_3980 She went back and forth between several different trees, until finally she decided this was the one she wanted. Papa went to get the attendants to come cut it down for us. When they got back Selena announced, “I’m not sure, I might want this one, or this one, hmmmm.” I guess you know it my turn to chime in and let them know that this was the tree we wanted.

100_3981 Now this picture is priceless. Look at the joy on her face as she watches the men load the tree on top of the suburban and tie it on for us.

100_3983 Selena was so excited when she found this huge Christmas stocking. However she didn’t quite think I was telling her the truth that this is the stocking that they put her in at the hospital when she was born. Remember, the stork brought her, not Santa Clause.

Now the lights are on the tree and we will spend the evening as a family decorating the tree. There is nothing like it then an evening of family love, laughter, Christmas music, and togetherness.

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  1. We bought and decorated our tree yesterday too. I love to take the time to look at all of the ornaments my children made over the years. So much fun.

    That stocking is funny!

  2. What a great stocking memory! We didn't have any Christmas babies, so they all came home in plain old blanets (actually very pretty blankets, made by a friend - but still).

    Beautiful tree, too!

  3. Love the stocking story

    We keep talking about going to a cut your own tree farm

  4. How fascinating about the stocking - I hope you have some pictures of her in it to share with her when she is older. The tree looks beautiful, and I am sure you all had fun decorating it.

  5. Haha, love the huge stocking :) Selena is getting so big!