Saturday, November 13, 2010

What My Child is Reading

This seemed to be one of those weeks where we just reread all the books from last week. I usually get quite a few books from the library when we go, since I only go every other week, but for some strange reason this last time I only came home with 6 books. With that said we have already reviewed most of the books throughout the week.

ThanksgivingA Thanksgiving Turkey by Julian Scheer is a book that Selena grabbed from the holiday shelf. I truly knew at the time she handed it to me that this book well too advanced for her, but she insisted on bringing it home. It took us a long time to read it since and many times Selena just walked away due to it’s length. It would be a great book for an older child. It is a story about how a Grandfather and his Grandson have tried for a long time to track down an old tom turkey. Finally one morning the turkey answers the turkey calls, but as it gets closer and closer, Grandpa’s feelings begin to change. He discovers there is more about this turkey then just catching it for Thanksgiving.

ChesterChester’s Masteriece by Melanie Watt was a book I thought we might be able to do a stART project from. It is a story about Chester writing his first book.  Even though I had read it through at the library when we got it home I discovered the book truly was way too busy for Selena. Papa read it to her a few times, but I think the busy illustrations, and jumping around of the text just did not draw her attention.

However not all was a loss, after watching an episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood where they were going to an art museum, Selena did grab Chester’s Masterpiece and informed me that this book could teach her to paint. I guess the business of Chester using his marker reminded her of the art work, no matter what the connection was, we went on ahead and set up to paint.

100_3889 Her first discovery was how she could change the shade of red by adding a little white to it. From there she made all sorts of colors. She then decided to just start using all the colors at once, but each time she noticed differences depending on how much of a certain color she got on her brush compared to the other colors. I loved the way when she first started she was being so careful to stay within the lines of the printed picture on the canvas. From there then she took off and did her own thing. I will definitely be getting more of these little canvas works of wonder for her to continue to explore her creative side with. She was so intent on this and so proud she could hardly wait for it to dry before finding just the right spot on our wall to hang it.

100_3893 Her final masterpiece! Isn’t it just lovely!

Thank you Natalie for such a fun gift!

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  1. That's always the worst when they really want a book that they're just not old enough for.

  2. I'm glad she enjoyed a project, even if the books were too busy.

  3. We often are doing repeat books too! My son doesn't seem to get bored with his favorites. I like the art project she did with the paint.

  4. I am glad that Selena enjoyed painting on canvas. We are yet to try it here. I admit that I am waiting because I am hoping that Anna will progress beyond color mixing when we paint on canvas. Right now most of her painting is still always about color mixing. I also had experiences with "too long" books - in fact, Anna just picked one in the library too. I usually split it into parts just like a chapter book.

  5. Chester's Masterpiece is the kind of book JC will ask me to borrow...mainly because of the large cute cat on the cover.