Saturday, November 13, 2010

Science Sunday/Decay

On Halloween night I was informed by Selena that she wanted to examine her pumpkin after it decayed. She got this idea from an episode of Sid the Science Kid. Well, I set the pumpkin aside and waited for it to look pretty icky inside, oh yes we could have waited longer but I wanted to throw it away.

100_3834 Love Selena’s gloves? She just had to wear her gloves for this experiment, just like Sid did when he did it. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the look on her face when she lifted the top off the pumpkin, it was so funny and she looked as if she was going to get sick. She quickly put the top of the pumpkin down and informed me it was icky and looked furry inside, “YUCK” was her exact words.

100_3836 I explained that this was mold. Then we began to investigate how the pumpkin had decayed, by looking at the blackened edges. Then I told Selena to feel it and to squeeze it a bit.

100_3838 That was the end of it, she had enough and decided that this investigation was over. I then brought out the pumpkin we hadn’t cut open and she was thrilled that it hadn’t decayed. She insisted that we cut it open though so she could investigate the seeds.

 100_3844 I asked her what was one of the most obvious differences between this pumpkin and the decayed one? She informed me it wasn’t squishy nor furry.

100_3846 I think it will be a while before Selena asks to investigate decayed pumpkins again. At least I was finally able to get it thrown away!

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  1. Cute! My 13-year old son doesn't like that stuff much either. He is dreading high school biology. :)

  2. Jeff is very happy the kids didn't think to do that. They got enough with our science explorations.

    I love her reaction of "yuck!" I'm sure we would have gotten the same one here.

  3. It's just one step away from chicken mummy of Ticia :) Anna was very certain that she wants nothing to do with decay after watching Sid the Science Kid episode.