Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We Play and Tiny Talk

We Play

I love the weekends, when Papa is able to enjoy Selena time. I love to just sit back and watch the two of them bond, and interact with each other. Selena is truly one lucky girl to have a Papa who takes so much time with her.

This weekend was lets build a tower using Selena’s mega blocks. they built several different ones that all came crashing down, ending with endless laughs. Papa finally said lets see if we can build a tower using every single block you have.

100_3933 Selena had so much fun watching their tower getting taller and taller. Papa would tell her what block he wanted next and she would be quick to fulfill his request.

100_3936 She was getting so amazed that their tower wasn’t even looking like it was going to fall. As they got down to the last blocks, Papa just let Selena pick the ones she thought should go next.

100_3940 Their finished tower. Selena did not want to take it down, so they left it up for a good 15 minutes or so. We then decided we better take it down before Selena knocked it over. She wasn’t real happy but Papa promised to build another one with her at another time.

As many of you know who follow my blog Selena has been fighting a bad cold. Tonight as we heard the weather forecast, they said we could get snow over the next few days. As we were getting Selena ready for bed, she reminded me that it might snow. I said, “Yes, but it is too bad you are sick.” She promised me that if it snows she will no longer be sick. I asked her, “Well what if it doesn’t snow will you still not be sick?” She said, “We will just have to wait and see, but if it snows I won’t be sick anymore, the snow will make me all better.”

Selena’s birth story in her words, “The stork flew me clear up to the moon. Then he dropped me and I broke. Grandpa fixed me with tape. So now I am Selena. The End.”

I am linking this up at Childhood 101 and Not Before 7.

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  1. Hurray for tape! Selena's on her way to being a very good story teller.

  2. I like the birth story - very imaginative. It's awesome that Papa spends his free time playing with Selena.

  3. Here's hoping for snow and feeling better!

  4. Visiting from Not Before 7...I love that she's making up stories like that! How sweet. The daddy/daughter time is just precious.

  5. Love the stork story. That must have been some awesome tape :)

    Happy TTT!

  6. What a special playtime with Papa. I love Selena's story, that is just too precious :)