Monday, November 22, 2010

Our First Snow


While Selena tried to tell me that if it snowed the snow would make her cold go away and she would be better, that wasn’t quite the way it worked. I couldn’t resist in bundling her up though and taking her out for some snow time fun. We don’t get snow over here a lot so when we do it is quite the event. This is truly the first time Selena will remember playing in the snow, the first official time she was only 1 yrs old, and didn’t do anything but sit in a snow pile. She didn’t quite know what to do. I showed her how to make snow balls and we tossed them back and forth for a bit.


Then what would snow be without building a snowman? Of course our snow man didn’t turn out to be the best, due to the snow. It is warming up a bit now so it wasn’t the best snow to make a snowman out of it. Selena was still just as proud of him as any we could have made.

100_3944 100_3945

We had a lot of fun in the snow, though it was a short time. If she wouldn’t have been sick we would have spent longer out there truly exploring the snow. Selena will always remember this first snow and the little bit of fun we had in it.

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  1. Sigh. Phone messed up
    Looks like she had fun. We had snow last year but princess wasn't willing to play it was too cold. I'm glad she got to play in some

  2. Great little snowman! I'm glad she got to get out into it for at least a while.

  3. I'm glad she got to enjoy it a bit!
    We haven't had our first snowfall yet (well, there was a teeny tiny bit one night, but it was gone in the morning) and my kids are already anxious for it!

  4. I am glad Selena was able to play in the snow. We might take Anna to my parents this winter, so she can experience real winter weather. I rather hope that it will never snow here - people are just not used to driving in snow.

  5. Fun! We don't get a lot of snow either so we always take advantage of it before it melts. I hope it at least lifted her spirits even if it couldn't make her cold better.

  6. So glad you all got snow this season. She is the perfect age to enjoy it!

  7. First snow is such a magical time. I'm having fun looking at the pictures again.