Friday, November 12, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week in Review

preschool corner

This has been a fun week with Selena, she is exploring writing, spelling, reading and numbers more these days. She always seems to be busy through play and learning. We have spent a lot of time baking together, playing games, coloring and reading.

Thursday we baked a cake together and Selena told Papa just how we did it: “We used oil, water a little bit of egg, and lots of chocolate, turned on that thing, put it in the pan, turned on the oven, waited and it came out as a cake.”

Papa enjoyed counting money with Selena this week or as she still calls it The Penny Pot. She also had him help her with her clock and many other math related activities.

100_3851 Selena has enjoyed many games and variations of the game of Scrabble this week. It is amazing how many words she can make on her own. She really enjoyed when we used the pieces while reading Mouse Makes Words, to make rhyming words.

100_3872Selena has had hours of fun with her covered wagon that we made, though it is no longer covered. She hauls all her little dolls and doll house furniture around in it everyday.

100_3859  Selena decided to try to stand her books up one on top of the other in the window the other day. She loves to use her books to build houses and such, but this is the first time she has tried to stack them in this fashion. She actually got three books stacked on top of each other before they fell. At first she was having problems and asked for help, we told her to figure it out, so she examined the books and wasn’t long after trying different variations that she figured out the fatter book on the bottom worked the best. What great problem solving skills she showed with this activity, not that I want her doing this all the time.

100_3871We missed dance this week, as we had to take Papa to get some blood tests done, he is fine, his thyroid was just off a bit. We did however get her dance shoes this week in the mail. She was pretty excited about that, and I was glad to see that they fit her since I really didn’t know what size to order. We were suppose to have a play date on Thursday and that ended up not working out, Selena was quite disappointed as were we, but those things do happen.

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  1. She is learning so many great things!

    Dance shoes are tricky because they often don't correspond to the shoe size, so that is great that they fit.

    My kids always get upset when play dates fall through. When possible, I try to wait until the last minute to tell them we have one planned.

  2. I'm so glad you mentioned the play date - I'd totally forgtotten, A is supposed to have a friend come home with her after church on Sunday!

    I'm not so sure about the books in the window - but the rest of the week sounds like a lot of learning fun :)

  3. It sounds like Selena enjoyed this week a lot! It's great that you made cake - baking is one of Anna's favorite activities. I also tend not to mention play dates until they actually happen.

  4. "turned on that thing," sounds like some of my descriptive conversations with Jeff........

    I think shoes in general are hard to fit.

  5. Love her description of cake making. Love the idea of using the Scrabble tiles. I am still waiting on the Mouse Makes Word book from the library. Though I did finally get The Penny Pot. I read through it but haven't read it to the girls yet. Love the look of it. Just remembered the Jelly Bean counting book I had out when we did J the last time. Gotta see if I can find that again. It uses coins too.
    Glad for you that the dance shoes fit!
    Have a blessed day