Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crazy Past Few Days

I can see we are going to be in for one fun Winter around here. We have gone from high winds, where many lost their power in and around our area and the Seattle area. Thankfully while ours threatened to go out most of the night it didn’t. To an Earthquake the following day. To such a  down pour and winds today that we lost TV reception along with Internet service through the worst part of the storm.

100_3907 I took this picture through the front room window, the water was not just running down the road but being blown down the road from the winds. Actually I should say up the road, since it was blowing and flowing up the hill instead of down the hill. If you enlarge the picture you can actually see the rain as it falls from the sky. Our driveway totally flooded along with our sidewalk. Though the winds were not that strong the combination of the rain and wind sounded like a freight train between the two houses.

100_3911 I missed the best part as the rain just poured off the neighbors roof like someone was power washing the roof. This looks like a lot of rain running off his roof here but it this is nothing compared to what it looked like about 10 minutes earlier.

My plans was to start this week studying about the first pilgrims, I had a lot of great ideas and found a great resource book, well a first grade history book to use for our studies. After the day yesterday, I thought we would start it today, then Selena woke up with the cold that I battled for too many weeks. No sense in dwelling into something when she was crabby and not feeling well. so what did Selena do during all of this? Well, she pulled out her Kumon pages and practiced her hand writing, then found a glitter scratch card and was busy scratching the black off it to find silver glitter underneath.

100_3905 100_3906 I kept busy cleaning the kitchen and sorting through all our school supplies, something I have been putting off for a while now. No, not the kitchen, it gets cleaned everyday, but the school supplies just seemed like a job I didn’t want to tackle. I am happy to say it is all done now! They say we could have some snow maybe this weekend…..are you seeing a pattern here as well, a not so fun, and hard winter.

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  1. You have had crazy weather. Actually, if I remember right, you had crazy weather all summer too - lots of rain, I think.

  2. Right as I clicked on this post, a gust of went sent our deck chairs scraping across the deck. I know what you mean about the sound of a freight train!
    If your rain would turn into the snow here, the weather man keeps promising, this could be quite a storm :)

    I hope Selena feels better!

  3. Wind here too yesterday, like Leah said our deck chairs were completely blown off the deck and into the yard.

    Hope Selena feels better soon.

  4. Wow, you had some very crazy weather lately. We have those rain storms occasionally, but so far the weather has been beautiful. Sorry that Selena woke up sick - hopefully you will still get your Thanksgiving study done before next week.

  5. The weather has been unpredictable everywhere lately. It's like summer here and the flowers are blooming again because my allergies are acting up. I can't decide if I want to start nesting for winter (what's suppose to be winter) or get ready to plant some seeds. It's just very confusing. We're expecting rain this weekend. The only constant thing is change. Hope you get some sunshine breaking through. :)

  6. I saw your comment left over at Joyful Learner and it was very touching and beautiful reminder that a little Santa does live in all of us! Thanks! Kerri