Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Part 1

Our tradition for Thanksgiving for the past few years has been to go to my Uncle’s. This year however with everyone here fighting a cold we stayed home. That is not to say we did not celebrate our normal traditions though.

Wednesday Selena was happy to help me bake pumpkin pies. I let her help roll the pie crust out, as well as measure and mix the pumpkin mix.

100_3959 She found out just how easy it is when she doesn’t follow directions for the pie crust to stick to the rolling pin. I love my marble rolling pin, especially when working with Selena because we don’t have to worry about all the elbow grease that can go into rolling out the crust. The rolling pin does it all.

100_3960 Mixing the sugar and spices. Selena just loved the smell of all the different spices. She also had fun helping me to measure them all.

100_3963 The perfect pumpkin mixture.


Selena enjoyed the smell of the freshly cooked pumpkin pies. She was very proud of herself for helping in all the steps it takes to make them. Now she has to patiently wait until Thursday after dinner to taste her delicious work of art.

Look for the rest of our Thanksgiving Fun tomorrow!

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  1. Beautiful pies! I bet she was proud - it's so much fun, when they can start taking an active roll in family traditions.

  2. I'll ave to try the kids rolling pie dough. They'd probably love it

  3. I love cooking together with Anna - she is always so enthusiastic about it. The pies look very yummy - did she like them?

  4. We love pumpkin pie too! Your pies look delicious.

    I don't know what I do wrong, but the dough always sticks to my rolling pin. Any tips?

    I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone is feeling better.