Thursday, November 25, 2010

stART/ The Happy Snowman


After building our Snowman on Sunday, Selena rediscovered her board book The Happy Snowman that we got her along with 3 other board books for her first Christmas. The story is about some friends who enjoy going out to play in the snow and of course they build a snowman.

100_3951 We set off to make our own painted snowman. I drew the snowman with white chalk, then Selena painted in the snowballs. She even tried to paint a second snowman to the side of this one with no lines to guide her. When she finished painting this we set it aside to dry.

100_3957 After the paint totally dried we then used markers to decorate and finish our snowman. Complete with stick arms and a carrot nose.

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!

I am linking this to A Mommy’s Adventure.

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  1. It's so uch fun when they rediscover old favorites

  2. Cute project. We are so not in the winter mode yet, even though the frost has been on the ground again in the morning. I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving!