Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rain, Wind, Lightning, and Thunder

We have had two days of heavy rain, strong winds, lightning and thunder. Selena and I had to take Papa to work yesterday morning because the starter went out in his vehicle. It was raining so hard that just in the few minutes it took me to fasten Selena into her car seat the hood on my coat gathered a puddle of rain water, which when I got in the car it drained down the back of my neck.

The drive out to where he works was something else. Water was standing pretty deep in spots on the road, and it was raining so hard it was hard to see, if not impossible in some places. The rivers are running so high, much more rain and they will be up over the roads in some areas. Thankfully we did get a break in the evening and even got some blue sky and sun.

Around noon, Selena and I lay on the couches just getting a little rest when the winds gusted to about 40 + mph. We both jumped when it sounded like someone came in our back door. Later when it stopped raining we had to venture out to see what scared us.

100_3763 This branch came out of the same tree that topped out the day Selena was born and came through our garage and on into our laundry room. We get branches like this and larger every time the winds blow hard. And yes our driveway and backyard were getting pretty flooded.

Just as I am typing this our lights flickered pretty good, so I am finishing this post and getting it scheduled to post in the morning before we loose our power. I hope we don’t but one never knows, we’ve seen it go out in storms like this and be out for up to a week. So if I disappear, just know we are sitting here in the dark and cold!

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  1. Wow! So far none of our branches have ever broken. Fences, yes, trees no.

  2. oh, and hoping your power doesn't go out.

  3. Rain water down the neck - ewwwick - you left both Doug and I shivering!

    We've been getting your rain, but it's turning to snow in the mountains - so I think we're getting the prettier end of things.

  4. What a wild weather you have! I hope you've seen the worst of it yesterday. The fall arrived here too, but so far we've seen only a couple of downpours that didn't last long.