Friday, October 29, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week In Review

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This has been such a busy week. Yet, it seems like during these busy weeks we really get so much done. Selena had her hearing test on Monday, which was excellent. I got a kick out of the doctor as he tried to think of words that Selena might not be able to pronounce, there wasn’t a single word she couldn’t repeat and pronounce correctly. It was funny as she sat in this room closed off from us, but could see him through a small glass window, she was yelling the words he asked her to say at the top of her lungs, thinking he wouldn’t be able to hear her. She loved wearing the ear muffs as she called the headphones.

On Tuesday she had her appointment with the Cardiologist. There are no concerns there either. When we first arrived there was a little boy probably about 9 months old. Selena enjoyed playing with him, she was trying to show him how to dial the phone, and talk on it. He just loved her rubber boots, so she enjoyed telling him all about them. To see her interact with this small boy was so precious. She refused to let them take the stickers off her from the EKG, and it wasn’t until we got ready for bed that I peeled them off. She was so mad at me for doing so, and still reminds me that I took her lovely stickers off that the doctor gave her.


This was the first week that Selena has read out loud to me outside of the house. As we sat in the doctor offices Selena read many of the books to me by herself. Her reading just continues to thrive. She is now informing me the names of businesses as we drive by them, such as The Beehive, a restaurant that we have never even been to. I asked her how she knew it was The Beehive, and she informed me that she read it. Her favorite morning show now is Word World, and she calls it her reading word show. She just loves how they put the letters together to form words.


Suddenly the world of math has truly opened up to Selena. She is counting clear to 50 then backwards back to 0. She enjoyed our math game this week using the Guinea Pigs Add Up book. She loves these literature based math books we have been finding lately.

100_3752 She also enjoyed revisiting Three Pigs, A Wolf, and Seven Magic Shapes. She had fun and was so excited to make shapes using her crayons.



Selena misses working on her scrapbook, but she has been having fun exploring geography from a different aspect as well. One of her pondering questions this week, which I hope to explore this weekend is how our storms washed away a cabin on the coast. In the meantime though she had fun with her puzzle of the United States and her Geography cards.



Selena’s dance class got cancelled this week, probably a good thing with everything else we had going on. I am so proud of the way she is handling herself with such maturity when we go out in public, it is sometimes just unbelievable at times, that she is learning so much patience and using such wonderful manners. She has loved exploring with her safety scissors, continues to play and count with the number cards I made to go with the Guinea Pigs Add Up book. I recently found my phase 10 dice game, and hope to explore this new game with Selena this weekend.

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  1. It sounds like Selena is doing awesome. I am glad that her appointments went so well and that her reading continues to explode.

  2. I'm glad your appointments went well. It does sound like Selena is thriving!

  3. I love the USA puzzle! I need one of those! I'm coming from the Homeschool Creations link up.

  4. Hopefully the printer will decide to work soon.

    I'm glad to hear the appointments went well.

  5. Great idea !!! Love it .

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