Saturday, October 30, 2010

What My Child Is Reading

This week fell into a theme of funny books here. It was so fun to read and hear Selena laugh so hard.


Selena enjoyed Virginnie’s Hat by Dori Chaconas illustrations by Holly Meade. It is a funny little story about a girl who lives in the South. She has a big hat to protect herself from the sun. The wind blows it up in a tree, and so she figures the only way to get it is to use her boots, by first tossing one in the air, then both. She is so focused on getting her hat that she doesn’t see the dangers of a crawfish coming in for a pinch of her toes, a snake coming in for a munch, or a alligator who is very hungry. Each time her boots fall upon the ground to scare the dangers away. But wait she gets pretty scared when she hears a rustle in the tall grass after retrieving her hat, who could it be or what could it be? Her mom! She insists to her mom that she didn’t see any dangers, but that she sure gave her a fright. It is a cute read and has cute illustrations.


Giggle, Giggle, Quack by Doreen Cronin illustrations by Betsy Lewin, was probably my favorite book. Selena was not far behind in her opinion of this funny little story about a farmer who goes on vacation leaving his brother in charge of his farm. He warns his brother to keep an eye on the duck and that he has made a list of everything that he needs to do everyday. Little does his brother know that the duck gets a hold of the pencil and changes all the notes. From feed the chickens pizza one night, to bathe the pigs in the farmer’s best bubble bath, to movie night and the cow picks the movie. We really laughed as things got so mixed up yet the farmer’s brother never thought anything seemed too far fetched.

Duckbike Duck On A Bike by David Shannon is another very funny book about a duck who decides to climb on a bike and take it for a ride. The rest of the farm animals all have something to say about this, but when all the kids come in on their bikes and retreat to the house, all the animals decide they have to get in on the fun too. Selena laughed to see all the animals from a cow to a pig riding bikes, then parking them back in place without any of the kid’s even knowing that the animals had rode their bikes.

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  1. I love those last two, they're some of my favorite books. I haven't seen Virginnie's Hat, but the illustration on the cover looks wonderful.

  2. We could use some funny books around here - they're so much fun to read.

  3. I love when kids laugh out loud when reading a book. Must get these and try it on JC!

  4. We love finding funny books to read here too. We only read #2 on this list (and other books in that series). Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  5. The last two just happen to be twoof our very favorites!!

  6. We love Doreen Cronin and David Shannon! Virginnie's Hat is new to us. Thanks for sharing!