Friday, October 15, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week in Review

preschool corner

I didn’t link up last week to Preschool Corner with anything since we were on the road so to speak in Everett so I am going to make this a two week review.


We are 3/4 of the way through Selena’s first reader and are working on some of the sight words that go with it. Selena is doing very well and only stumbles over a few words. We’ve also had a lot of independent and shared reading from many library books. I believe this is the most library books we have had checked out at one time. It seems that with each passing week Selena’s passion for books grows and grows.


After reading The Penny Pot We had to take advantage of some work with money. Selena is enjoying counting all the pennies we have in the penny pot every evening.


We also made a clock to help us follow the time frame in The Grouchy Ladybug. Selena and Papa had fun working with the clock, and I am happy to say that we now have fixed for our wall.


Selena also used a lot of math in the story she made up here. It was so nice to hear her use some math skills so smoothly and easy without hardly even thinking about what she was doing.


We had quite a bit of Science the last couple of weeks. We started out one week with a sensory game. Selena had asked for this game after seeing an episode of Sid The Science Kid, so I put one together for her. She had fun guessing what the items I had picked out for her just by touch. She did very well explaining the textures of each item.

100_3611 After reading The Leaf Man we had fun with our dried leaves to see the affect wind has on them. Selena came to the conclusion that Leaf Man wouldn’t be able to exist here for very long with the winds we usually get.

100_3644 We then found a caterpillar to examine. The thrill of Selena’s week is when she can use her magnifying glass to observe things up close.



Selena had fun helping me put her State cards on a ring so she can now compare them with the work she has done in her scrapbook and also on our United States map.



Selena is really starting to get back into her art work again. She really enjoyed making her own pet after reading The Best Pet Ever.

100_3694  She also worked very hard to re bead a necklace that she broke one evening. I was very proud of her for getting so many beads on all by herself since she was just using fish line to bead them onto. Only if I would have realized the knot at the end was not large enough to hold the beads on when she picked it up. I finally tied one of the beads to the end of the string so she is still working to see if she can finish this up.


I have to admit the last few weeks have been so great around here with so much Selena based school. She is having fun and learning so much.

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  1. I really like all the natural, and spontaneous science you did.

  2. It sounds like you found your way to teach to Selena's learning style. It looks like she is having a lot of fun with her activities.

  3. She is really do very well lately isn't she. I love her piggy :-)

  4. I love that she's doing so well! I wish Kaelyn could "get" reading, but I know that once it clicks she'll fly right along. Love the penny pot!!

    PS I've missed following you and Selena!

  5. I still wish my kids would do sensory games

  6. I'm really impressed by her beading skills. Was wondering what you are using for Selena's reading now. Right now Tabitha is enjoying some of the Bob Books. She also can sound out the word cards we use each week if they are phonetic. For example she sounded out "mitten" this week. So I was just wondering what you feel is working for Selena.