Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Selena’s Little Story

Today while playing with some of her little people Selena decided to tell me an entire story. Now she did ask me to write it down for her, so here we go.

100_3697 Once upon a time there were 4 little people walking to the park, Then they went home to ask their mommies if they could go to the park. They went back to the park to have a party.

100_3700 They marched for the people. Then they played a guessing game. Then they whispered and talked.

100_3705  Three little people went to the park to meet a friend, Miss Carol. They had to sit down and watch the party begin.

100_3706 Two little people go onto the party. Three little people sat down and one person was left at the party.

100_3707 Then the four went skating and two fell.

100_3708 They stood up and tried to skate again. Then they went on to march. Then they got to sit down.

100_3709 They started kicking a soccer ball and they scored. Then they threw the ball in the air and caught it.     The End.

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  1. I like how you snapped the pictures to illustrate the story. Anna loves to make up stories too, especially when she plays in the bath. Her bath toys usually get married and have children :)

  2. I like how she added some subraction into her story - very sweet!

  3. I love her story how very sweet

  4. Oh very cute. You could print those photo's off with her story and she could read her very own work!!

  5. It's so great to capture these moments. I love the pictures to illustrate the story!

  6. Such a cool picture sequence! You should "publish" her story for her!

  7. Love the story! Love the math skills!