Monday, October 11, 2010

Math Links/Time

Right after I had told Leah over at Almost Homeschoolers that I couldn’t find any brass paper fasteners, sweet Papa was out and about and came home with a box of them. He happened to notice that they had a box of them in a business he was at, so he asked if they had a box he could buy, they just gave him a box. Yippee for Papa!

grouchy We’ve read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle several times. Selena was having a hard time following the time concept with the small clocks in the upper corner of each page. The story in this book takes a look at a 12 hour time period in the life of a grouchy ladybug. I took a cardboard cake round, some black construction paper and a paper fastener and we set out to make our own clock so that we could follow along with the story’s time line.


As we read the story Selena moved the hands on the clock to represent the time.


When we were all done she took the clock over and Papa helped her to understand more about a clock, how it works and how to tell time on it.


This clock will become a permanent feature in our homeschool center, but I do think I will find some heavier paper or poster board to make new hands. I might even let Selena decorate it a little bit with some of her ladybug stickers.

I am linking this post up at Joyful Learner.

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  1. Great activity! Grouchy Ladybug is one of JC's favorites! I love the homemade clock!

  2. I bet she will love that clock.

  3. The clock turned out great! I bet she loves it!!

  4. It's awesome that she now has her own homemade clock. We have a couple of store-bought, and Anna has on-off relationship with them.

  5. fun foam. That'll make it really sturdy.

    That's going to be one of our activities soon. I'm hoping it will cut down on the fights between my kids on my Judy clock.

  6. Great idea - I love to act out books like that. It engages their interest so well. We still haven't read the Grouchy Ladybug. My little one is very interested in telling time (he's constantly asking me "help what time it is now!") but I think anything beyond on the hour and the half hour is probably too complicated for his age just yet.