Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh For The Love of Mud Rooms

This is the perfect time of year when we get all sorts of critters making their way into our mud room, especially on days like Saturday when it was pouring down rain all day. I looked down and found this.
100_3657 Selena’s Caterpillar!
Of course you know she had to have her magnifying glass to examine it very closely. She even had to touch it to say it felt spiky.
100_3659 100_3666
We talked about how caterpillars make a cocoon and go through a metamorphous to turn into a butterfly or moth. I asked her what her hypothesis was as to what this caterpillar would turn into, she said a butterfly. I had to correct her and explain this one would turn into a moth.
She then made up her own story, “Once upon a time there was a little girl named mama, she was very smart and nice as she always found neat things like a caterpillar to bring in my house. She always tells me about the caterpillar going through a metamorphous to turn into a moth and lets me look at it through my magnifying glass. Now mama taught me a new word metamorphous and it means to transform from a caterpillar into a moth or butterfly.
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  1. Cute story! It's neat that Selena could finally see a real caterpillar. We are yet to catch one. Plenty of snails, but no caterpillars.

  2. I love her story. You get to be a little girl!