Sunday, October 10, 2010

What I Love

On Sundays we usually just kick back and allow Selena to just draw us into her world of play and imagination. We get the pleasure of seeing and experience just how she feels and sees her world through her play.


Do you see what her new shoes are? I just love that pose for the camera! Many times if she can get her hands on anything that is Papa’s she just has to read it, hide it, or wear it. I do believe she admires her Papa very much. She loves to wear his coat, his caps, and now his socks and shoes.

These are the most tender moments for me to sit and observe. The times she waits patiently for Papa to finish reading the voter’s pamphlet, so she can read it too, just like he did, the moment he lays his cell phone down where she can get her hands on it and pack it off as if it is hers. The way she just anticipates that he will put down his pen when he is paying the bills, just so she can grab it and run in the other direction or grab the bill that he just laid down on the table just to get his attention. Anything that is Papa’s she just has to have.

I love listening to her tell Papa a bedtime story, they are all so sweet, “Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Papa….” The way she teases him, kisses him, and copies everything he says or does.

These are the moments that truly mean so much to me, the moments I truly love and enjoy being a part of.

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  1. How sweet that Selena adores her papa so. I have to admit that even though Anna loves her father, she is totally a mommy girl :)