Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cutting Skills


Selena is getting better at cutting. Normally we don’t do much for Halloween projects, but I thought a paper pumpkin would be fun and a good way for Selena to practice her cutting. Papa just needs to learn how to take pictures. Selena cut half of the pumpkin out herself. I just drew a white chalk line to form the shape for her to follow. I did have to help hold the paper, but she is definitely coming along way with her cutting skills.

 100_3728 100_3729 When we were finished with our pumpkin, Selena was so proud since she did most of the cutting by herself, then glued it together. She did however wonder why we couldn’t cut the pumpkin open to see what was inside. I guess you know a real pumpkin will be coming again this year. Maybe this year we will do more with the seeds then we did last year, like maybe some math.

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  1. It turne out really good. Congrats Selena on the cutting

  2. I like the pumpkin - very cute. They work a lot on cutting in Anna's school, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the crafts where she cut pieces herself. She is also more interested in cutting at home lately - mostly just snipping the paper into mosaic collages. Maybe I should get out "let's cut" book out and see if she might be more interested in it now.