Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

On Sunday we had a whole day full of nonstop imaginary play. We used no toys but talked, imagined, and just had fun.

Selena happened to look towards the window to discover a little spider hanging on a web. She went over for a closer look then said, “Sorry for bugging you spider!”

Selena came up to me and I wasn’t quite catching what she was saying. I said, “I am not understanding you.” Selena informed me, “You are understanding me.”

Selena has a hypothesis, “Grandma, you get on the keyboard and click things onto the computer.”  3 (that is Selena’s 3 that she clicked showing me how I click on the computer).

We ran into one of her friends from dance class at a store. Upon leaving I said “We will see you on Monday in dance.” Selena looked up and said, “Yes, When we wash the dog.” That is one of the dance moves if you’re wondering.

  • Grandpa and Selena having a conversation:
  • Grandpa, “Do you like the Cat in the Hat?”
  • Selena, “Yes!”
  • Grandpa, “Why?”
  • Selena, “Yes, I like Cat in the Hat?”
  • Grandpa, “But tell me why you like Cat in the Hat.”
  • Selena, “Why?”
  • Grandpa, “No, tell me why.”
  • Selena, “Why?”
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  1. that last conversation reminds me of some of my conversations.

  2. Sounds like some of the conversations I've had with the Man of the House :)

  3. Oh, Leah's comment made me giggle. I like pretend games... for a little bit. Eventually they wear me out. I am impressed that you carried it on all day.

  4. Those "Why?" conversations! Aren't they hysterical? I love seeing the way children's minds think and develop. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Selena's comment about you understanding her reminds me of Tabitha insisting I heard what she said when I didn't.
    Cute comment regarding the spider.