Monday, September 20, 2010

More Estimation and Charting

Today after dance class I decided to see if we couldn’t fit in a quick estimation lesson in. I took three of my crystal glasses all of different sizes and shape. I thought it would be fun to introduce a simple chart as well. I outlined the glasses on the white board.


Then I lined them up from short to tallest on the table in front of Selena. I measured exactly one cup of water and poured it into the yellow glass. Selena was to guess where she thought the water level would be in each glass. As she guessed, I marked her guess in black on each glass on the white board, then we started pouring the 8 ounces of water into each glass.

At first Selena didn’t quite understand what I was talking about when I asked to estimate where the water level would be so her guess was way off. After that though each guess got closer and closer to where the water line would be.



On this last one she did tell me she bet the water would not fit into the glass. She was right. Here is our chart.


You can clearly see that on the first glass, the shortest one Selena didn’t think the water would come that far up on the glass, while on the second two she was pretty much on the mark with her guess.

See Papa on the board watching our lesson? He is permanently there!

Not thinking I used tap water so at the end of the experiment since I would not let Selena drink the water, since she can’t have tap water, she was a wee bit upset.


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  1. This is an awesome simple experiment! I am sure we will repeat it here at some point.

  2. Awesome face. She does not look happy.