Friday, September 3, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week 4 2010

preschool corner

This was a week that was used for a slight review, catch up on some of the work that we didn’t get done from last week, as well as an introduction to some new things.

Selena showed a little disapproval about her phonics and reading curriculum when she was being asked to do the letter puzzles all the time. So we discussed why this was important in training her eyes and mind for reading. Once this was explained she moved forward with her work, I just cut it back on the amount that she had to do.

I could tell from this that she was getting a wee bit bored with the material, so I jumped a head a bit and we started looking through her site words that she will use with her reader. We first went through them to see how many of the words she can read. She knows 75% of the words already from last year, this made her happy.

We continued to work on our pre-spelling work. Which Selena really does enjoy. If you missed how this pre-spelling is done you can read about it here.


Selena loves her math book, so this area went very smoothly for her. She ran around the house all week adding 1 to everything. I loved hearing her say “one plus one equals” and really knowing that she was processing this new concept. In fact I asked her how old she would be on her next birthday and she informed me to just add one to her age now.

We wanted to explore another State in our geography but doesn’t it always seem that our best laid plans don’t always work out. I have to go buy ink for my poor old printer again. Although I really wonder if it is low on ink since it has been telling me that I am low on yellow ink since I changed the ink the last time, but now it says I am low on black too, so I probably am. A new printer/scanner is on my Christmas want list.

Art is becoming a challenge here. Selena just really doesn’t want to participate in any formal art project unless it is geography.  She loves to color on her own, or do her sticker books, but rebels over formal art. We did however make a baseball math chart, though I had more in plan for it then we got, I figure we will just add the rest to it as we go along.


Selena is still enjoying Yahtzee, and plays it a lot, even when I am busy. She also has picked up her Boggle Jr. and flips through the cards reading them all the time.

She is so excited for dance to start, and was thrilled when we went and bought her new shoes. She also got a new pair of tennis shoes, but wouldn’t change style from her last pair, so we are still wearing the same princess shoes with little lights just a larger size.

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  1. We bought C different shoes, and she's been pretty upset about the change in style - but then, I tend to buy myself the same shoes over, and over, too :)

  2. It's great that you adjust your material based on her feedback. I was thinking that maybe Selena will like reading about famous painters and then will want to pretend to be one? I want to try this angle with Anna if we have time this weekend.

  3. I was thinking the same as Natalie that she might be more interested with artist studies

  4. My kids are always wanting the same shoes in the next size too. I guess they know what they like! I really need to try Yahtzee with the kids. C has been on a game kick lately where he wants to learn new games every day. I keep forgetting about Yahtzee!