Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I thought I would share how we are doing our spelling. I know that I have tried to describe it in my weekly wrap ups but I thought a little pictorial would help to bring it to light. First of all Selena is given a card with the vowels we are working on thus far in phonics.


I read from a list of words, that begin with these letters:

    • is     ax     end     exit
    • if      apple     indeed     instant
    • egg     in     animal     engine
    • insect     Abby     India     Emma

As you can see these are not all real familiar words for Selena, so she does have to listen carefully to each word. Then she has to point to the letter that she thinks the word starts with.

100_3452 100_3453 100_3454 This gives her practice in quite a few ways. First is makes her really listen to the words and their sounds. It also asks that she processes these sounds and think carefully what sound she heard and which letter made the sound. Yes, there are times that she confuses the sounds of e and i, but those times are used to go back and ask her to listen even closer to the word.

In her curriculum, as we move on we will be adding consanants to the mix. So then she will be listening for the first two letters of the word for instance “sa” “se” “si” “so” and “su”. It progressively moves forward from there.

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  1. That sounds pretty cool. It's on my list of things I need to work on, and we'll probably be starting that pretty soon.

  2. I like this idea. When we were working on reading, I deliberately moved from letter names to sounds, so Anna has very funny ideas about spelling now. It's time to start moving back and this is a good way to start. Thanks for the suggestion!