Friday, September 3, 2010

An Art and Craft That Selena Loved

We were going to go to the library today, but instead I got a call and had to go to Olympia to pick up the contrast for my up coming CT Scan (just so you know it is just a check up on my cancer, shouldn’t be anything to worry about.)
While we were in Olympia I decided to treat Selena to a walk through Joann’s Fabrics and just see what they had that might interest her. In their dollar baskets we found these cute little wood animals that came with three little markers and a stand.
After dinner I decided to let Selena color one. She chose to do her monkey first.
Selena so carefully colored in the bow, and worked for a good hour decorating her monkey. I have come to the conclusion that Selena is just going to do better with crafts if I just see that she has things like this and let her go at it, then if I try to plan any type of project.
100_3464 I doubt very much that Selena is totally finished decorating this as she is still coloring on it as I type this.
100_3465This is what it looks like on its stand. I can’t wait to see just what her little monkey looks like after she gets totally done decorating it. This might just end up being a weekend project just on this one little monkey. 

I had to come back and post Selena’s other monkey that she colored.

100_3468 She informed me that she was only putting make up on. She even had marker on her eye lids. It did wash off thankfully!

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  1. Kids are so funny! JC drew all over her face and body too at one point!

  2. ROFL!!! I had scroll to see that photo and I was honestly expecting a second wooden monkey....hilarious!!!!

  3. Oh my that is quite a look on her. My kids like those wooden dolls too

  4. Cute little monkeys. lol. Tabitha colored her toe nails recently, but it is Amelia who is usually coloring herself. Glad it came off okay for you.

  5. Oh my goodness! I am so glad you got a picture of her "putting makeup on" lol

  6. Anna loves these prepackaged crafts - probably because she sees them more as toys that she can "modify" to her liking. Too funny about coloring the face, we also had something like this once when she said that she wanted to give herself a clown outfit. It took a while for red marker to come out of her skin - luckily she had it only on the belly and legs.