Monday, September 20, 2010

Math Monday/ Estimation

After watching an episode about estimation on Sid the Science Kid we decided to do a little estimation of our own. Can you believe I couldn’t find a clear jar in my house, reminder I must get it through my husband’s head to not throw them all away, it bothers him when I save what he considers to be trash.

Instead I used a clear plastic glass well it wasn’t totally clear, but it worked and Selena’s pattern blocks. Since the sizes and shapes of the blocks are different, I made sure and used the same number of each shape. I will tell you the exact amount at the end of the post. We discussed different ways we could estimate the number of objects in the glass.

100_3518 First was the Blue Diamonds. I put them in the glass and had Selena make her guess of how many she thought was in the glass. It was cute the way she tried to count them through the clear plastic and came up with the guess of 4.

100_3521Next we used white diamonds. Selena carefully examined it and guessed 8.

100_3522  She was surprised over how many red trapezoids that appeared to be in the glass, she guessed there were 10 in it.

100_3523 She was sure I cheated her on the green triangles and guessed 4 again.

100_3524 Now this one was over the top, she thought there had to be at least 15 hexagons in her glass.

We counted them all then compared the sizes and shapes of each different pattern shape. Each time she had the same number, 20 of every shape placed in her glass. I thought it was cute how her guess changed with her observations.

She made the following comparisons at the end of our game:

100_3525 They looked like we had more or less because they are different shape, size and she had to add color. Great observations, Selena!

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  1. We just did something very similar with balls in a vase. Great minds think alike! ;)

  2. This is a game that can be played over and over again with new materials. Fun!

  3. What a great lesson in estimation!

  4. It might be a good time to show her how different shaped glasses (like tall and thin, or short and wide), can hold the same amount of a liquid, but look like one is holding more.

  5. great activity :) I should try this one out with my daughter!

  6. This is an awesome activity helping with quantity/size differentiation. Too funny that Selena thought that there are only 4 small objects in the glass and so many big objects.

  7. Jeff feels the same way.

    I need to start working on estimation with the kids.

  8. I love this idea! Maybe we will try it out soon too. It sounds like Selena did a wonderful job with it. :)

  9. oh we love estimation activities. :)