Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Geography/History No lesson this week


We did not do any special Geography lesson this week. I suppose in a way we had a small Geography lesson or History lesson on Monday when we visited the church building that our church is looking to lease/purchase.

I didn’t take my camera and was totally upset with myself for not doing so. My cell phone keeps turning off so I couldn’t even take pictures with it. Don’t you know it there are no pictures on line of this 106 year old church.

The church was built by some Swedish immigrants in 1904. The founding Preacher decided he no longer wanted to be in Hoquiam and abandoned the church building to move to Aberdeen and build a new church. Four elderly women from the church was very saddened by this, and held weekly prayer vigils over the church building for many years to come. I am not sure how long the church building was empty at that point before someone else moved into it.

History in this area is hard to come by except for word of mouth, but the previous church that was there built a new church leaving it vacant again for the last 2 years. It needs a lot of work, but it just has this intense beauty about it, with all the dark wood banisters and stairs.

Selena informed the Pastor, that she had a hypothesis, which surprised him that she even knew the word. He made comment now if she only knows what that word means. To that she replied, my hypothesis is that this building has a lot of old wood. He had to give into the fact that she does indeed know the meaning of hypothesis.

Her and I were talking about it today, and she told me she liked the church, and all the stairs, but don’t ask her to take class in the basement as she might get locked in, well, she will take classes down there if I am with her. I doubt that will happen as the basement is more like an enlarged crawl space, the ceiling is very low, and I had a hard time being down there. It has been used for a class, and decorated to look like Noah’s ark, but with no windows and such a low ceiling, I doubt very much you would catch either Selena and I down there.

Anyway that was our Geography/History lesson for this week. A chance to see a piece of Grays Harbor history. Now it is your turn to share what you are studying.

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  1. I hope you'll get another chance to take some photos of the building - it sounds very interesting!

  2. I am curious to see the building too and even more curious to see if your pastor will decide to take this old building on. Selena's hypothesis is spot on.

  3. Yes, I'd love to see a picture someday too. I bet that pastor was quite surprised by Selena's hypothesis! And I'm with you. I do not like confined spaces so that doesn't sound like a very inviting spot for a class!

  4. How funny - we have "hypothesis" written on a piece of paper on our dining room table at the moment, and we've been talking about it all week. :) I slacked in my country study this week. Debating whether to put together a geography post tonight. If I do, I'll link up. :)

  5. LOVE that she "schooled" the Pastor in the meaning of the word "hypothesis"- funny!