Thursday, September 16, 2010

stART/Genisis 1 and Selena Inspired

I was so inspired by Leah’s at Almost Unschooler’s Creation art project that I just had to let Selena make one of her own. This came at a perfect time as we finished up the first unit in her Science book. Instead of reading from her Science book though I read it directly from her Bible, (this was not a children’s bible, but a King James Version, that she proudly reads everyday.)

I pre cut all the shapes she would need to put this craft together, provided her with color crayons, star stickers and glue. We closed our eyes and talked about how dark it was before God created the Earth then I handed her a piece of black paper, we then continued to read, and she placed the pieces on with glue as we read the story of Creation. Here is Selena’s finished art project on Creation. She chose to color in the sun, and asked me to draw birds. She wouldn’t draw a man and a woman, so we found a decent picture and glued that on instead. Do you like her cat?

100_3516 After this was finished, and I was considering that it was time to prepare dinner I gave Selena some play dough to entertain herself with. After a while of rolling, cutting, molding and what have you, Selena proudly showed us her “Sculpture” as she called it.

100_3514 I asked her how she knew it was a sculpture, and she explained because it was her carving in clay or rock. I remembered I had a book about Mount Rushmore that I have been saving until we study South Dakota. After dinner I pulled the book out and while Selena admired her sculpture we read it.

MountRushmore What is Mount Rushmore? by Laine Falk is a Scholastic book about Mount Rushmore. It discusses just as the title says What is Mount Rushmore, it also talks about the sculptor, the faces, and many other facts about the National Park itself. We then had to come to the Internet and look for some pictures of Mount Rushmore. I just loved how this part of our stART was so inspired by Selena.

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  1. I thought maybe she was trying to form a man out of the clay :)

  2. Great job, Selena. The cat and the placement of pieces are perfect, but the man and woman are a bit too dressed up for The Garden of Eden:)

  3. her art is great!! =) I love that book too... we looked at it last spring! or one like it maybe? ;)

  4. What a lovely little sculpture! Great job and she looks so pleased with it! Love that you brought out Mount Rushmore afterwards!

    PS Link up to this week's Kids Get Crafty?

  5. I love her playdough sculpture. My daughter still hasn't started "making things" out of playdough. But she does enjoy playing with it though.

  6. I also loved that creation craft from Almost Unschooler's and I'm thinking of trying it this weekend.

  7. I love her sculpture and her picture! And that's great that she remembers what a sculpture is.

  8. She made a wonderful picture. Her cat is great!