Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We Play


So many weekends we spend together, playing all sorts of games. This last Sunday however after Selena had her bath she drug out everyone of her doll houses.

100_3503 She spent a good hour and a half just playing by herself. This is one fun mess, but you must see what fascinated her the most.

100_3506 After she had created the lovely mess in the above picture she spent a very long time just arranging her family. She has Mommy, Daddy, big sister and little sister. The two laying face down are the ones she decided didn’t belong in her family. I love watching her when she brings her doll houses out. She has her favorite pieces of furniture, her favorite family members, and her little narratives are never ending. To me this is serenity at it’s best.

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  1. It's so nice that Selena has this set to play with. I do believe that our girls need time to get lost in the world of their own creation.

  2. How nice, that she can play so well independently - that's always fun to see.

  3. Dolls houses are a must for little girls I think! Just wish I didn't have to play each time, I'm the wrong size for dolls houses! LOL

  4. I love watching them re-enact everyday situations through their doll play. The thinks they say and do are so insightful to how they see the world. Thanks for playing :)