Saturday, August 21, 2010

What My Child is Reading

We have had a lot of fun reading again this week. While I love the fact that Selena is becoming more independent in her reading I always cherish the times we read together. I find Selena reading more and more of the books I bring home from the library by herself, sometimes before I even have a chance to read them with her. I love hearing her read, and am amazed how she is able to pick up the story of the book through what words she is able to read. I can see it won’t be long and she will be reading almost every word in these books without my assistance.



We had fun with My Teacher Can Teach Anyone by W. Nikola-Lisa, Illustrations by Felipe Galindo. This is a cute book about how a child feels that his teacher is the best teacher there ever was. He is just convinced that she knows everything and could teach every one from dancers, athletes, astronauts, and doctors. Selena laughed through the entire book then asked me if I could teach like that. I truly recommend this book as one that is very enjoyable.


Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse by Lindsay Barrett George, was a huge hit with Selena. I believe I really only got to read this book through with her once before it disappeared into her bedroom. We normally do not allow library books to retreat to her bedroom, but what can I say, now that she is reading more independently how can we turn her down. And oh how I love to hear her sweet stories at quiet/nap time. This book starts out as a child’s narrative on a mouse that lives in the house and one that lives outside the house. Throughout the book comparisons are made from differences to similarities between how both mice live. For example the mouse in the house would go below the spider, and over the ball. While the mouse outside would go below the spider, and over the stone. My first thought on the book was, “Wow Look at all the Prepositions used!” This would be a great book for introducing this aspect of grammar.

Birthdaypet The Birthday Pet by Ellen Javernick illustrations by Kevin O’Malley was Selena’s pick. It is a cute story about a little boy who wants a pet for a birthday present, but not just any pet, he wants a turtle. No matter how his family tries to talk him into other pets, he insists he has to have a turtle. The story is cute and I must say Selena did a very good job at picking it out. We did have fun reading this together, though this was not one she chose to read by herself.

To see what others are reading in their homes come on over to Natalie’s at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns.

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  1. Selena is reading independantly already? How old is she? I was under the impression she was a pre-schooler. Hurray for Selena AND her teacher! It is my favorite milestone!

  2. Thanks for joining WMCIR! I really like how the first book sounds - I have to see whether our library has it. We read "I Wanna Iguana" last week during the library visit, it was somewhat like "The Birthday Pet" - fun read.

  3. Isn't it funny how once you've started teaching you just see books and think of lessons you can teach from it?

    I love mouse books. I'll have to keep my eye out for that