Sunday, August 22, 2010

We Discovered The Legos

100_3427 This summer I won a giveaway for a gift certificate from CSN stores that was hosted by Ticia at Adventures in Mommydum. I purchased this tub of Legos. At first Selena was definitely not interested in Legos and did not understand the concept of building with them at all.

Saturday morning she got up and grabbed the tub, which has been sitting in the corner since we got them. I told her to open them at the kitchen table. She got busy and worked all morning with the legos. Making all sorts of cute storied, and funny sounds as we heard the legos clink here and there.

After a couple of hours Selena brought her finished project into the living room to show me the farm she had made for her horse.

100_3430 I was very impressed, she even has her horse behind a fence! I am glad to see that my daughter has finally discovered the world of building with her lego blocks. We were just commenting that she has out grown most of her toys, and I told Selena she needed to tell me what type of toys she is interested in for Christmas. I do believe that now we are headed in a direction now for new toys for Selena.

As I type this Selena is still building, she informed us that she was making a bedroom for her horse to hide in. Way to go Selena!

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  1. Yay - I am glad that Selena has discovered the magic of Lego. Anna loves building with them - this is one toy that is almost always "in play".

  2. Funny, how some toys just have to wait for the right time to be played with.